Sample Nursing Paper on Evolution of Diagnosis and Treatment for Thyroid Cancer

The final research paper must be 3-5 pages in length, double-spaced, not counting the cover page and the reference pages. You must use at least 3 scholarly sources for your paper beyond the course textbook.

Evolution of Diagnosis and Treatment for Thyroid Cancer

  1. Introduction
    1. Need for tailored diagnosis and treatment due to the existence of different forms of thyroid cancer.
    2. Problem in diagnosis is the need to balance between overdiagnosis that leads to a false high incidence of cancer (Kitahara & Sosa, 2020) and late diagnosis that could result in delayed treatment (Albano et al., 2018).
    3. Thesis statement. Evolution of diagnosis and treatment of thyroid cancer toward tailored approaches that improve clinical outcomes by characterizing the form of thyroid cancer an individual is manifesting.
  2. Diagnosis of thyroid cancer
    1. Symptoms that result into physical examination and medical history to establish risk of thyroid cancer.
    2. Imaging tests, such as ultrasound, radioiodine scan, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan, positron emission tomography (PET) scan, or computed tomography (CT) scan to visualize the areas that are suspected to be cancerous. Laboratory tests for thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) not necessary for diagnosis because of ambiguous relationship between TSH and thyroid cancer (Razvi et al., 2019; Yuan et al., 2020), but can be done to inform choice of imaging test.
    3. Confirmation of diagnosis through biopsy, typically fine needle aspiration (FNA) but at times core need biopsy (CNB) when FNA results are ambiguous (Jung et al., 2020; Na et al., 2018).