Sample Nursing Paper on evidence-based practice change process

As part of the evidence-based practice change process you are to evaluate the effectiveness of the change. You have already identified the appropriate measures for your specific project. It is time to consider how you will analyze, interpret, and present the data in the written capstone.

1.)Present your thoughts about the appropriateness of the outcomes measure and statistical analysis, thoroughness of the interpretation of the data, use of a benchmark in interpretation, and overall presentation of the measurement and evaluation content. Then, share what data and analysis you plan to use and how you plan to present this information for your project in the written capstone.
2.) Please think about your benchmark in relationship to the outcome you are measuring. If you are using a benchmark for mean group score, then you do not need a t-test and report the significance. In your discussion this week, please clearly identify, in list format: 1.) outcome(s) – should directly map to your problem 2.) benchmark 3.) measure (tool, survey, etc.) 4.) predicted result(s) 5.)evaluation of the result in relation to the benchmark (e.g. a benchmark of 80% was set so anything above 80% means that the benchmark was met and anything below 80% means that the benchmark was not)
The discussion is intended to help you prepare for writing chapter 7. You do not have to include actual data from your project.

Dear writer please see the attached EBP capstone project where you can find all the information about the project.