Sample Nursing Paper on Evidence-based practice and Quality improvement

Nursing writer preferred. APA 7th edition. Reference within 5 years.

Evidence-based practice and Quality improvement have been described as a “team sport” in which team members share their knowledge, skills, experience, and perspectives to accomplish the work (Roussel, 2020). Building an effective team is a critical factor in the success of any project (Thomas & Winter, 2020).

Identify a person in the organization or setting who would be best able to facilitate a Doctor of Nursing Practice project and could serve as a project mentor. (Educational requirement for the organization mentor is that they have a minimum of a Masters degree.) (Use the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO))

Who are the additional persons in the organization that have valuable input in the project and could serve as part of a project team? (Add QI/RM (Quality Improvement/Risk Management) and Director of Clinical Services (DCS))

Is there an existing group/committee (i.e. Quality Improvement Committee) that might be appropriate to address the problem or is there a need to form a specific task force or work group around the project issue? (There is no existing group. Maybe the QI/RM (Quality Improvement/Risk Management)
can do that.)

How will you engage the members of your project team to participate in the project?