Sample Nursing Paper on Etiology

Discussion Answers

Read the following TWO PICOT questions and answer the following. Are these PICOT questions or research questions? Do you agree with their determination of the types of questions the scenario suggests? Why or why not? (Scenario attached)

You need two answers one for each PICOT question



PICOT Question # 1

With African Americans aged 40 to 70 (P), do they eat healthy, and exercise regularly (I) compared to White Americans (C) to maintain adequate blood sugars (O) persistently for a period of one year (T)? This study would need to be conducted to analyze if this is causing the differences in adequate control between these two races. Non-compliance is common in the healthcare of patients. Patient non-compliance can contribute to complications of type 2 diabetes, which will result in more hospital stays and more costs to manage the disease (Bono et al., 2022, p. 660). If this research proves to be the disparity between the races, then more education is needed to convince the black population that these interventions can reduce complications from their diabetes and ultimately extend or even save their lives.


PICOT Question # 2

Looking at this scenario, the type of question is etiology. Etiology questions are those that seek to find the extent to which a certain factor, process, or condition is associated with an undesirable outcome (Melnyk & Fineout-Overhold, 2022). Looking at the case scenario, black patients are the most affected. While some of the White patients with diabetes are under fairly good control, many of the Black patients are not. The question in the case, therefore, opts to determine the extent to which racial disparities affect impacts the control of DM2, particularly among black patients versus white patients.

The PICOT question in this scenario is: In the practice’s Black patients with diabetes, do racial disparities compared to White patients exist that impact control of DM2 within one year?