Sample Nursing Paper on Ethical/cultural Concerns on Nursing Shortage

Shortage of nurses is an emerging trend in health-care, and the corresponding impact is beyond comprehension. Ulrich et al. (2016), Goethals et al. (2015), and Baker et al. (2015) provide background knowledge on nursing shortages with regard to cultural/ethical concerns, and their work is essential in uncovering important information in my research topic. While Ulrich et al. (2016) address the shortage of nurses as a result of higher stress level and difficult working environment, Goethals et al. (2015) analyzes ethical reasoning of nurses and how it impacts their retention. On the other hand, Baker et al. (2015) highlights parents’ view on do-not-resuscitate order and its relevance in health-care.

Article One

Ulrich, C. M., Taylor, C., Soeken, K., O’Donnell, P., Farrar, A., Danis, M., & Grady, C. (2016). Everyday ethics: ethical issues and stress in nursing practice. Journal of advanced nursing, 66(11), 2510-2519.

The article by Ulrich (2016) is a study in which the authors seek to find out how ethical issues in the nursing practice contribute to higher stress levels among nurses and how this leads to nursing shortage. Some of of the ethical concerns that the authors highlight include: end-of-life concerns, unethical practices, confidentiality among other issues. The authors discover that nurses often find it hard to address the ethical issues and this impact their stress levels. Ulrich (2016) also find out that failure to address the ethical issues affects retention of nurses in health-care facilities. This source is credible because it is peer-reviewed and based on original research and experimentation. The source will be essential in my research topic to solidify my arguments on case studies where nurses opted out of their work settings as a result of ethical/cultural issues.


Article Two

Goethals, S., Gastmans, C., & de Casterlé, B. D. (2015). Nurses’ ethical reasoning and behaviour: a literature review. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 47(5), 635-650.

In this article, Goethals (2015) analyze ethical practice in the nursing context especially with regard to the reasoning processes and the consequent decision making. In the process, the authors find out that the process of making ethical decisions among nurses is more than a cognitive process and is influenced by personal and contextual factors. As such, the authors conclude that the difficulties in making decisions among nurses is a great contributing factor in retention of nurses. The article is credible because apart from being peer-reviewed, it shares specific information on ethical reasoning which is based on original research. This source will be particularly important in my research work, especially in expanding my arguments on how the work environment can be unfavourable for nurses who find it hard to make decisions.

Article Three




The three sources provide essential information that will expand my research topic. The sources provide insight into the shortage of nursing in ethical/cultural contexts. The knowledge gained will be vital in establishing a solid foundation in my research work. Conversely, all the sources are credible, hence the reliability of the provided information. Hence, I will build my topic basing on some of the findings from the three sources.



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