Sample Nursing Paper on Effects of a Comprehensive Educational Group Intervention in Olde

Critique the quantitative article “Effects of a Comprehensive Educational Group Intervention in Older Women with Cognitive Complaints: A Randomized Controlled Trial.”
A critique is a critical appraisal of an article. You should not be writing a report of the article. A critique requires you to look at the articles critically and point out its strengths and weaknesses. You can include a summary of the article in the introduction of the paper but then you must evaluate and analyze the research itself using the Rapid Critical Appraisal Questions for Randomized Clinical Trials in Melnyk and Fineout-Overholt (2019) (Appendix B, p 711) and the narrative description in Chapter 5 for RCT (p 162-169).
All questions should be addressed in the paper. The Writing Rubric in the first section of D2L will be used for grading. An introduction and conclusion of the assignment are required.
The body of the paper should not exceed 4 pages (double-spaced). A title page and reference page are required. No abstract page is necessary. Do not critique the abstract of the article.
Do not write this paper in a question and answer format. This paper should be written in a scholarly APA format. An introduction and conclusion are required.