Sample Nursing Paper on Developing a Care Plan

Developing a Care Plan

There are two parts to the comprehensive nursing care plan assignment. In Week 5 you are required to submit a draft of your care plan. In Week 6 you will submit your final nursing care plan based on feedback from your instructor and your continued work.

In a Microsoft Word document of 4-5 pages formatted in APA style, begin to develop a comprehensive care plan for the aggregate based on the health risks faced by the aggregate that you identified in the risk assessment.

In your paper, address the following:

  • Propose two (2) priority-nursing diagnoses based on the major health risks identified during the risk assessment for the aggregate
    • Include strategies to address the nursing diagnoses and identified risks of aggregate.
    • Support your strategies with at least two journal articles.
  • Develop a disaster management plan with the following components:
    • List of disasters that might affect your aggregate (take into consideration the geographical location of the aggregate, past history, etc.).
    • Strategies for handling at least two disasters from the list.
    • Recommendations for a disaster supplies kit.
  • APA Citation Helper
    • APA Citations Quick Sheet
    • APA-Style Formatting Guidelines for a Written Essay
    • Basic Essay Template

Please note that the title and reference pages should not be included in the total page count of your paper.

First client Overview.

Initials: A.B.

African American female, 69 years old

Medical history: HTN, CAD, DM2, Chronic Arthritis (especially in the fingers), Overweight.

Mobility: Walker,

Diet: Soul food. (Likes to cook)

Strengths- Family supports, client lives with daughter and grandchildren, Faith (part of a church), always cheerful, sense of humor.

Weaknesses- Lacking exercise, not adhering to diet which leads to uncontrolled DM, having hard time opening medicine bottles, home floor has many rugs and carpeted (Risk for fall).

Second Client Overview.

Initials: T.B.

Caucasian male, 72 years old.

Medical history: COPD, DM2, early dementia.

Mobility: ambulates with cane


Strengths: Lives with wife, and dog as companionship, lives in a one story-floor house.

Weaknesses. Forgetfulness in managing medications regimen including insulin regimen despite using pill organize that leads to uncontrolled DM2 (either high or low), and hard of hearing, lack of transportation to church.

Third client overview.

Initials: J.H

Hispanic male 65 years old.

Medical history: Recently diagnosis with DM22 weeks ago. (Speaks Spanish and little English).

Mobility: ambulates well.


Strengths: Family lives with client, wife, two teenagers, and parents, attends church.

Weakness: Language barrier, (children has to translate for the client), lack of knowledge about DM2, overcrowded family at home. Often work long hours, only day off is Sunday.