Sample Nursing Paper on Culture in Nursing

Culture in Nursing

Working in the nursing field has exposed me to various cultures. The cultures that have had an impact on my life include the European, Hispanic and African American. I have been exposed to these cultures when growing up, schooling and in the line of work. There are marked differences in how the beliefs and customs of each culture. The behavior of the persons immersed in each of these cultures also varies. I do not like to consider myself as having subscribed to a particular culture, as I have been exposed to all of the three that I have mentioned. I find it fairly easy when dealing with persons that come from these cultures and would have no trouble offering care for them in a professional setting (Parry, 2015). I am also aware of the way I change my behaviors as I interact with persons from various backgrounds, mostly mirroring their behaviors.

The European culture is very much like the mainstream American culture, and the people are more assertive and expressive compared to other cultures such as Hispanics. Americans of European descent value their personal space, and it is important to maintain it when talking with them. I have realized that this still holds when caring for them as patients. Hispanics are more intimate, and they make me feel at ease when caring for them. They are also very enthusiastic when expressing their gratitude and make me feel bubbly after serving them (Harkess & Kaddoura, 2015). The African Americans are also very friendly and a bit formal when receiving medical services. This is in contrast with when they are dealing with family or close friends, where they behave intimately towards each other. Having observed these characteristics I have discovered that it makes it easier for me to provide services to persons from varying cultures.




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