Sample Nursing Paper on Community Nursing: Hurricane Disaster Preparedness

Disasters such hurricanes, tsunamis, and wildfires pose significant threat to human life and properties. From deaths to injuries and damage to properties and infrastructures, disasters leave communities and families emotionally and physically scarred. Preventing disasters is almost impossible. However, disaster preparedness can minimize the damage and losses a community experiences during disasters. Disaster preparedness is an intentional undertaking aimed at ensuring human safety and minimizing property damages before, during and after disasters.

The American Red Cross recommends a raft of measures that can be used to gauge a community or family’s readiness to face natural and man-made catastrophes. Going through American Red Cross’s hurricane preparedness guideline, I was a little surprised by how unready I was in case of a hurricane. Even though I stay in an area hardly associated with hurricanes. While I stay in a location that is not prone to hurricanes, the level of unpreparedness worried me because natural disasters like hurricanes are unpredictable, especially with the ever-growing threat of climate change.

Preparing myself and family for the possibility of a hurricane requires having the physical and mental fortitude. Based on American Red Cross’s guidelines, I will purchase a survival kit with basic supplies such as first aid kit, multipurpose tool, and maps among others. Additionally, my family members need disaster preparedness education that covers a wide range of topics, including developing a household evacuation plan (American Red Cross, 2020). My family will also need to learn how to stay safe indoors and outdoors during and after a hurricane (Department of Homeland Security, 2019). This information can be shared with the community through local television and radio stations and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reach a large audience base.

In conclusion, disasters are generally unpredictable. Disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and wildfires leave a trail of death and destruction whenever they strike. However, with disaster preparedness, we can minimize the damage resulting from disasters. American Red Cross provides comprehensive disaster readiness guidelines for different disasters. These guidelines are aimed at protecting humans and their properties.




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