Sample Nursing Paper on Community Health Promotions


Community health promotions are programs that attempt to engage individuals and communities to adopt healthy behaviors that reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases. Health promotion programs focus on determining the causes of diseases and how people can improve their health and wellbeing. They enable people to increase control over their lives. These programs usually target at-risk groups in the community. Live Well is a chronic diseases management program implemented at the local level to address the medication, exercise, and healthy eating needs of the elderly living with chronic diseases.

Health Promotion Program

Live Well is a national evidence-based health promotion program initiated by Stanford University. Live Well is a notable example of health promotion envisaging an extensive range of social and environmental interventions endorsed by community health nurses to protect people’s lives (Bezner, 2015). It aspires to promote effective chronic disease management within communities (Department of Aging and Disability Services, 2020). Live Well program targets the elderly living with chronic diseases like arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, heart diseases, asthma, and chronic pain (Department of Aging and Disability Services, 2020). The health promotion program is designed to foster equal opportunities for healthy eating and active living through broad arrays of policies and environmental transformation.

Essentially, Live Well is implemented through workshops and educational initiatives aimed to produce desirable behavior change. The elderly and caregivers are trained in better ways of dealing with pain and fatigue. Besides, the target population is trained on how to institute wholesome exercise to help improve strength and energy (Department of Aging and Disability Services, 2020). The elderly also benefit from learning better use of medications, healthy eating, and increased confidence to better manage their health and wellness.

The mission of Live Well community health promotion is to help older adults and caregivers to acquire the necessary skills to coordinate all life activities and routines. The skills help to manage health and enable the elderly to live actively and productively (Department of Aging and Disability Services, 2020). Importantly, the program does not conflict with existing programs at the local community level as it is designed to enhance routine treatment and disease-specific education activities. Therefore, it is essential for the well-being of the targeted population.

I would refer patients to Live Well because it is designed to encourage people to engage in education and training activities meant to achieve desirable behavior change, and it is effective. The health promotion program has demonstrated that it can empower patients to improve their exercising activities. Besides, the Live Well program can enable patients to improve cognitive symptoms management and foster communication with physicians. Live Well can also help patients self-report their overall health status and manage healthcare distress, fatigue, and social limitations. Through the program, patients can change their eating habits and behavior that would reduce hospitalization.


Community health promotion programs are designed to address the needs of needy populations within society. These programs intend to prevent ill health within communities. Live Well community health promotion targets the elderly living with chronic diseases. As such, the planning, execution, and evaluation of Live Well programs are meant to alter behavior regarding exercising, eating healthy diets, using the appropriate medication, and managing pain and fatigue. The program is suitable for patients with chronic diseases as it has proved to be essential in transforming behavior so that patients can live healthier, productive lives.



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