Sample Nursing Paper on Clinical Practice Proposal

Clinical Practice Proposal

This Form is to be typed.

Project Topic: Give a brief explanation of your topic and identify the competency (use the graduate competencies under education on that you will address in your project.


The topic chosen is holistic nursing, which entails teaching patients and the rest of the population on how to maintain wellness and prevent diseases. This is most effective when applied to patients and their relatives to prevent a repeat incident, and also in high schools to make young adults equipped with health and wellness knowledge. Holistic nursing approach embraces the whole mind, body, and spirit approach in patient care (Jackson, 2012). This is informed by the realization that integration of the traditional practices with modern nursing is geared towards better patient outcomes and also for the society at large. The aim of this project is to expand holistic care from just the hospital to the community as a whole. The QSEN competency that relates to this issue of holistic nursing is Quality Improvement.


Discuss Health Care Organization (this is not the facility/organization where you are implementing your project, may be a nursing organization, or any organization which sets standards, conducts research, or publishes evidence based literature in relation to your topic) that will help support your project. Discussion should include the mission/values of the organization (in your own words). Provide citations and references (no direct quotes).


The health care organization that can support this issue is the World Health Organization (WHO). This organization mandates itself with the creation of a better and healthier future for people globally. This global organization has offices in more than 150 countries and works in partnership with governments and other organizations (Cohen & Boni, 2016). Given the fact that this project intends to improve health outcomes, it is in line with the mission of WHO.


Global Objective

The purpose of a global objective is to provide a vision for your overall project. It should be broadly stated, it is what you will be implementing in this course, what is your final product (example: if you are creating a tool to educate patients-then the global objective is the development and presentation of this education).  Write 1 Global Objective (Do Not Use Any Abbreviations). An objective should consist of one sentence.


To improve the health outcomes of all persons through the integration of allopathic nursing practices with alternative practices for health and wellness.


Project Objectives

Now your global objective should be broken down into more focused steps. Be sure your Project Objectives support your Global Objective! How will you achieve your global objective?  Be specific.  Write 4 Project Objectives…objectives should start with an action verb! (Do Not Use Any Abbreviations)


1.    To encourage people to adopt healthy lifestyle habits

2.    To inform and teach people on the methods of avoiding preventable illness

3.    To cure patients holistically by not only taking care of their physical wellbeing, but of their mind and spirit

4.    To improve the skills of nursing practitioners in promoting health care in the community


Direct patient engagement: Describe in a one or two sentences how you will provide direct engagement in your clinical practice project and how this will impact patient outcomes.  Be specific.


The first step determining the prevalent illnesses in a community by going through the medical records of the patients. This is followed by formulating methods that can be used to prevent the illness and improve the wellness of the members of the community while respecting the traditions and religion of the community (Cohen & Boni, 2016).


Possible steps to assist me in completing my project: List at least 4 steps in your project

(Do Not Use Any Abbreviations)


·         The steps that will assist in the completion of the project include:

·         Conducting in-depth research on the application of holistic nursing practice in a normal hospital setting

·         Preparation of a comprehensive report and presenting it to World Health Organization and other interested parties

·         Holding seminars and conventions for nurses where the notion of holistic nursing is exemplified.

·         Conducting pilot projects in various parts of the world to observe the ease with which nurses from different cultures are adopting holistic nursing and if there are improvements in the patient outcomes

·         Making final recommendations and sourcing for funds from interested parties to help in the expansion of this project






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