Sample Nursing Paper on Autism spectrum disorder

You will be writing your paper on a behavior disorder and evidence-based treatments for that disorder.
Behavioral disorder ASD – Autism spectrum disorder
Evidence-based treatments: 1) Pecs – picture exchange communication system; 2) Vm-video modeling.
Important notes about a research paper:
1. You must use APA style
2. Your research must be done using primarily peer-reviewed research studies published in journals such as JABA (7-10 sources)
3. Other resources may include the DSM, current government data, etc.(2-5)
4. Remember the formatting you are using is for a student paper
5. When quoting sources: Make sure that you are following guidelines. This may include block quotations, paraphrasing, or short quotations.
6. No matter kind of quotations or paraphrasing you use, you MUST cite your information. Copying and pasting or any form of plagiarism will not be tolerated.
7. You may use other reliable and trustworthy sources, including government data/ websites, your textbooks, and the DSM.
8. These should be used to support conclusions, for current statistics, etc.
9. Do not use websites such as WebMD, Very Well Mind, or generic psychology websites/ blogs!!!
attached is the rubric for what should be in the paper
also attached are articles that can be used for this paper, 3 articles for pecs, 4 articles for video modeling, and 2 articles explaining ASD.
feel free to add reliable resources which are stated at point 7.
if you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me.

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Discipline: Applied behavior analysis ABA
The discipline is Psychology, not nursing. I’ve never put nursing. Because ABA is a part of grad school of psychology. If you not familiar with psychology please let me know, because I don’t need a nursing view from that. This is a psychology class specifically about autism spectrum disorder and implementations.
if you have any concerns or questions let me know please.