Sample Nursing Paper on a topic from the book by Gerald Corey

Please choose a topic from the book by Gerald Corey, and write a 5-page paper, including your cover page and reference page, for a total of 7 pages. Find one additional source or reference in addition to your book.
Please do not submit your paper as a pdf; it will not be graded. Your similarity must not be higher than 20-23%.

This book has evidence-based therapies for specific disorders. You will be expected to complete a Research Paper and submit it for the class:

In addition, it must be written using APA 7 format; this should include two (2) academic/scholarly journals.
Explain the therapy you chose. The expectations you had when choosing this therapy, and it’s Theorist.

If you need guidance writing your essay, do not hesitate to contact the writing staff for assistance with your APA format.

Submissions must be graded on time, and I will not change or modify the due dates. If you have a medical excuse, kindly contact me.
this is the book
Gerald Corey – Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy .