Sample Nursing Essays on The Film Larry Kramer

In the film How to Survive a Plague, Larry Kramer is regarded as an AIDS activist hero as shown in the excerpt. “The crux of the play is that the greater activism Kramer was pushing for was rejected by GMHC’s other co-founders in favor of thinking and acting inside the box. The apposing view is that Kramer wanted GMHC to become a lot more like the organization he then went on to found, ACT UP” (Mass). As such, he is not afraid to express himself, particularly on the issue of gay men in parts of San Francisco. He is one of the cofounders of the Act Up organization established with the aim of pressuring the government to search for a treatment for H.I.V/AIDS victims. One can also argue that Larry Kramer is a risk taker because he he ended up making a difference as portrayed in the film. For example, drugs were made available and this meant that doctors were able to deal with the opportunistic diseases such as pneumonia. Members of the Act Up organization ensured that drugs were available over the counter at affordable costs (Mass).

Kramer possesses admirable characteristics, such as selflessness, hence I find his character quite interesting. His role as a visionary leader is demonstrated throughout the play, something I can relate with. I am in the process of starting an animation studio, hoping that it would be famous all over the world. A visionary leader is able to see further than the near future and strategize on how to deal with obstacles that may occur in future. One should also have to consider other business ventures in the event that the current one does not succeed.

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