Sample Nursing Essays on Performance Measures in Nursing

In addition to essential human skills, such as compassion, kindness, care, and effective communication, nurses should display an unwavering commitment to quality standards and rely on accurate information to deliver safe care. Some of the performance measures or quality standards that guide advanced registered nurses include evidence-based practice, patient safety, meaningful use and quality of care and they can be enhanced by informatics.

Informatics is an integral role in advancing quality standards in healthcare. For instance, health informatics enable nurses to embrace the implementation of evidence-based practice by providing appropriate treatment supported by scientific evidence and based on patients’ health needs (Bowblis & Ghattas, 2017). Similarly, informatics enhances information exchange among care providers and patients, which promotes the delivery of safe, efficient, and quality care with the view of promoting patient health outcomes. The technology also enhances the accessibility and coordination of information within the healthcare environment, thus reducing medical errors and ensuring accurate diagnoses. In turn, decision-making, for stance, regarding treatment, is efficient, which enhances both patients’ satisfaction with care and their health outcomes (ARMA International, 2019). As such, informatics play an essential role in healthcare. Lastly, meaningful use emphasizes the exchange of clinical patient data among care providers, patients, and insurers. It allows medical practitioners to collaborate in delivering care through active information-sharing (Dimick, 2011). It advances healthcare services by ensuring effective diagnosis and treatment, reducing health disparities, and enhancing care coordination.


Nurses are guided by performance standards and quality measures. Informatics help to enhance these standards and measures.



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