Sample Nursing Essays on Outcome and Compliance Data

Outcome and Compliance Data

Outcome data refers to information collected from a procedure conducted with the outcomes either pre-determined or are based on a standard used in the process. One of the examples is diagnosis outcomes that are attained after a test has been run on the patient. This could involve a test analysis that indicates that a patient has typhoid or has contracted a virus infection affecting the blood. Another example of outcome data is the thermometer reading of a patient being 450, which is an indication that the patient has a high fever.

Compliance data, on the other hand, is information/ data collected from subjects who decide to participate in a process; in this case a research that involved certain actions on the part of the participant before information is attained. One example is the responses from the participants in a research study handed in as a form of questionnaire. Another example is the information collected from patients during treatment where they provide the physician with the necessary information about their current condition and past treatment history.

Measuring, analysis, and application of these examples of outcomes are based on the approach applied in the collection stage (Creswell & Creswell, 2017). One approach to ensure efficiency is basing the process on the main objective of the process, which focuses on ensuring that the projected goals can be attained within a defined setting. In order to improve on the performance of these, the facilitator of the data collection process has to be aware of the different implications of the collection process and individual elements that either defines the approach to be considered or the projected outcomes being expected at the end.





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