Sample Nursing Essays on Our Future Leaders

Our Future Leaders

Leadership is an important aspect of the nursing profession. Nurse leaders work with other healthcare professions to support the healthcare professions, formulate health policies, and promoting collaboration between nurses and other healthcare leaders in patient care. Nurse leaders are required to have competency skills and experiences that equips them for the role they play in healthcare systems.

According to Huston, nurses are required to have knowledge regarding the use of electronic health records (EHR), clinical decision support systems, and biometrics. Huston described the development of Australia’s e-health system that supported the communication between healthcare facilities. These EHR systems have also promoted secure transfer of patient documents from one healthcare practitioner to another. These EHR systems allow healthcare professional to provide patients with care despite their location as they can easily access the e-health records (Huston, 2008). While technology is transforming numerous aspects of healthcare systems, it has also promoted communication between nurses, other staff, and their patients.

BSN-prepared nurses can assist nurse leaders in the budgeting process by helping them understand the process of patient care and the outcomes of patients who have been discharged form health facilities. They can also use their skills to determine the budget incurred by patients after being discharged from clinical settings who require further medical care but have exceeded the 30-days readmission period after discharge, patients experiencing falls or pressure ulcers due to prolonged hospitalization. BSN leaders are competent in considering the additional financial burden that hospitals would incur if patients contract hospital acquired infection and the stress that these would place on the patient both physiologically and psychologically (Weiss, 2011; Joseph & Huber, 2015). As such, BSN-prepared nurses can be more equipped in considering cost-cutting procedures such as methods of preventing falls that would decrease the financial burden on patients and the healthcare facility.

Nurses play an important role in patient care. BSN-prepared nurses are more skilled and can consider the effects that, factors such as falls, hospital acquired infections, and pressure sores can have in the budgeting process. There is a need to promote collaboration between different nurses and other healthcare professionals in clinical settings.




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