Sample Nursing Essays on Health Workforce Policy

State Health Policy and Implementation Tools

Health workforce policy is a program to plan for adequate numbers and quality distribution of health workers such as nurses to healthcare facilities to meet healthcare goals. Tools used to implement this policy include putting regulations which outline the recruitment standards of healthcare workers in the community (Perez et al., 2016). Additionally, legislative tools used involve documenting various guidelines on ways to effectively distribute workforce and techniques to ensure regulation of the quality of the workforce in the state.  Moreover, providing grants and subsidies will support in promoting the establishment of healthcare institutions and motivate the medical workers to provide quality care to the populations.

Political Climate and Behavioral Assumptions of Policy Makers

The political climate has a significant effect on the policy tools used in implementing policies in healthcare.   Political stability will ensure the provision of enough grants to support healthcare providers in the state.  The tools used in implementing healthcare policies much depend on guidelines and regulations from the political environment.  Additionally, legislators can also engage in giving their public opinion on ways to improve healthcare and also giving suggestion on the reforms where necessary (Gagliardi et al., 2015).  However, policymakers can also hinder health policy implementation through making lengthy procedures in the selection of which tools for use in policy implementations.

Professional Nursing Organization and Policy Implementation

Professional nursing organizations have been involved in making these policies as they are included in the decision making process and the formulation of these regulations. These organizations are also consulted in preparing educational materials used to train and teach in the training institutions (Chapman et al., 2016). Additionally, these organizations partner with legislative offices to provide an analysis of current issues in health policy and also offer workshops to promote nursing professionalism and leadership management in nursing.



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