Sample Nursing Essays on Essentials of nursing

The experimental design criteria of manipulation, randomization, and control minimize bias as they ensure that there is an experimental and controlled group of intervention. These three aspects ensure there is a baseline of results for the intervention of the research. Additionally, the presence of researcher-manipulated variables provides the boundaries of the extreme ends of the intervention result thereby decrease threats of internal validity (Fain, et al., 2017). Using random assignments prevents selection biases as the researcher can determine the selected groups have no systemic related outcomes leading to inconsistent results.

Randomization prevents the intentional manipulation and skewing of the results as the element of choice is eliminated as the participants and the researchers are chosen at random (Gray et al., 2018). Additionally randomization ensures that no systematic differences are there between intervention groups where the factors are either known or unknown and could affect the outcome. Furthermore, the intervention is able to determine the difference between efficiency and effectiveness of the data provided.

Intervention fidelity involves moderating between the intervention and the expected or intended outcomes. It utilizes recruitment strategy where there are proper laid out procedures to attract various potential program participants.  The intervention also uses a quality of program delivery where the intervention outlines the manner of which the involvement is delivered (Fain et al., 2017). Additionally, the context of the program is outlined as this helps to understand the environment social systems or groups and culture of the participants.

A cosmic question based on the nursing practice is looking at the interaction between the nursing practitioners and their clients. Communication is a vital to ensure both nurses and patient understand each other thereby providing quality output from the conversation (Townsend et al., 2017). My cosmic question is: How can communication be developed in the nursing practice?



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