Sample Nursing Essays on Difficult people

Of all the annoying scenarios at my workplace, James’ was at the top. He was always at it. He wanted to be the center of attention at all instances. While we were out for our customary 30-minute break at one point in time, I had to put on my headphones to tune out the long tale James was telling our co-workers about his latest sales success. Later, I mentioned my ongoing frustration with a colleague. Anne replied that James was not that bad and he did not know why he bugged me so much. What was bugging me was not about James, it was about how he reminded me of something from earlier in my life. James had triggered a frequent response that I developed to cope with previous difficult situations.

After watching the video “How to deal with difficult people,” I would respond in a very different way. I would remain neutral so as not to create a peaceful ground between myself and James as this would enable me to maintain my emotions. I would then state the facts I’m assertive without being aggressive (How to deal with difficult people, 2009). One thing that I’m never going to do is to try and change James as this will raise my emotions and put me in jeopardy with him.

Following the article on “What to do when someone pushes your buttons,” I can comfortably say that my responses to James will have to change. I will not react impulsively. Instead, I will relax for some time and delve deeper to attempt to discover the source of my response (Barry & Sirois, 2014). Doing this will give me the option to view the condition differently and also react differently.



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