Sample Nursing Concept Analysis Paper on Schizophrenia in homeless people

This Concept Analysis paper should be based on my POI: My chosen POI is: Schizophrenia in homeless people.
APA 7.
6 references no more than 5 years old. Must be peer-reviewed references.
Please see attached Rubric with instructions

Introduction and Thesis 2.5 pts
1. Briefly state your
Phenomenon of Interest,
and introduce the selected
Concept Analysis article in
one paragraph.
2. Conclude the introductory
paragraph with a direct
thesis statement that
informs the reader of your
purpose, or primary
objective of the paper
3. A citation and reference
should be included for the
Concept Analysis article.
4. Attach a copy of the
selected concept analysis
2.5 to >2.25 pts
Exceeds Expectations
The information fully addresses the
required elements and
demonstrates an understanding of
the material.
2.25 to >2.0 pts
Meets Expectations
Adequately address
the required
2 to >1.75 pts
Needs Improvement
Information fails to
address the required
1.75 to >0 pts
Information is missing or
is inadequate to satisfy
the requirements,
3/8/23, 8:29 PM Concept Analysis 3/9
Criteria Ratings Pts
Concept Analysis 6 pts
1. Describe the origin of the
theory or the published
author’s (not yours) purpose
for conducting the Concept
2. Discuss the relevance of
the Concept Analysis to
your POI.
3. Discuss the transferability
of the Concept Analysis to
other phenomena of
interest. The more widely
the Concept Analysis can be
applied, the greater its
4. Provide at least two (2) )
peer-reviewed references IN
ADDITION to the Concept
Analysis article (excluding