Sample Nursing Case Study Paper on seizure/epileptic episodes

Section A
Case Study
You are volunteering in an adult day care setting; you notice there is NO standing policy/procedure to follow during seizure/epileptic episodes/incidents. Most client is disoriented, older age adult, and some with medical disabilities. Only two blood pressure machines are available. Only one nurse was employed to manage more than 60 clients/residents/patients daily in the adult day care. Patients have had episodes of seizure and epilepsy while in the daycare but most of the staff are not medical personnel and do not know what to do while waiting for 911 ambulance or medical personnel. This is the problem- NO POLICY as related to seizures and epileptics.
1. Identify a clinical problem in this clinical site and submit (2) QI questions related to the problem. You must use the PICOT structure for your QI question(s). this is only related to the case study.

Section B
microsystem survey case continuation.

A. Identify clinical problem in the clinical microsystem survey attached.

B. Fill out and attached a well-detailed Fishbone Diagram you developed based on the base on the problem. The template is attached also. Previews work is also attached for review. Complete a Root Cause Analysis using the Fishbone Diagram on your identified clinical problem.
C. Write up a brief analysis (Analysis of the system was well supported with information and complete). AND reflection (minimum 2.5 pages) on what you discovered and submit your Fishbone diagram and reflection.
D. APA 7th Edition format should be used for this assignment. Font & size should be Times New Roman 12.
E. Appendices should be utilized as needed.