Sample Nursing Case Study on Nursing Interview

Nursing Interview

Part I

Some of the possible questions I might expect to be asked during the interview for the job include if I mind telling the panel about me?, why I am interested in working in the nursing sector, and why I believe that I should be hired for the position (sKeogh, 2017). I am a compassionate and highly motivated person who is ready to dedicate my entire life to nursing. I have been interested in working in the nursing sector for a long time since I believe I can make a difference in people’s lives through the profession. I think I should be hired for the position since I have the required experienced and knowledge.

In preparing for the interview, I would do thorough research about nursing and the responsibilities of an RN to make the most favorable impression. I would also ensure that I am on time. It is essential to re-examine why one wants a given career before an interview (Deverill, 2013). Therefore, I would ask myself why I have chosen the field of nursing and what things are expected of me. When it comes to dressing, I will wear presentable formal clothes. I would also bring all the required documented, including my current RN license, BCLS certificate, and undergraduate certification.

Part II

I would first focus on the patients and ask them whether they have received medication or not. If not, I would check the prescribed drugs and offer the same to them. In the situation, doing nothing would have adverse effects on both patients and Lindsey. Patients face numerous health challenges when they fail to receive the prescribed medication or take drugs that are not prescribed to them (Gimenes & Faleiros, 2014). The same may happen to Lindsey.




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