Sample Nursing Case Study on Dementia


Dementia is a disease that is common among people who are 75 years and above. It is essential for nurses to have an appropriate communication technique to handle these patients. In the article titled “Pilot testing an educational intervention to improve communication with patients with dementia,” Weitzel et al. (2011) suggest different communication strategies that nurses can use when dealing with patients with dementia. The user feedback strategy involves soliciting the patient to speak about the potential problems that they are facing. It is one way nurses use to try to create a positive interaction with their patients. It is paramount to get the attention of the patient in order for them to address the problem that they are experiencing. Through the feedback provided, the nurse is able to identify which step to take to improve the condition of the patient (Health Information Technology Foundations, n.d). It is also important for the nurse to state their questions and messages clearly in order to receive a good response from the patients.

The questions asked should be simple. While engaging the older patients, it is important to maintain eye contact with them to evaluate their reaction. However, in order to enhance communication, there is a need to plan the entire process by the nurses and the patients knowing whom they are supposed to report to in case there is an important issue which they believe needs to be addressed (Weitzel et al., 2011). I think the feedback process is the most important technique in pilot testing because it is the only way in which a nurse can obtain first-hand information from the patient regarding the challenges that they are facing. The reason for picking this technique is because it helps in minimizing errors in the workplace enabling the nurses to maintain patient safety. It helps in reaffirming the efficiency in the workflow practices, especially when dealing with older patients.


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