Sample Nursing Admission Essays on College Degree in Monroe College (NYC)

I am writing this letter to show my interest in joining Monroe College (NYC). After four years of postponing my course, I am now ready to pursue my degree from the school. Monroe College and I share a common vision which is to become a national leader to educate both urban and international students. I like Monroe College for its ability to provide skills required for success and give exposure to new intellectual areas. My love for this college is also because it gives students the opportunity of comprehending business, computer technology, and communication skills.

Besides the health courses I am to pursue, I am attracted to the college for other reasons. Monroe College accommodates different groups of people that I would like and try to work with.  From my personal experience, I know for the college to achieve its mission, vision, and success, new students like me are needed to create a respectful environment. The greatest success I can visualize is to provide Monroe College with innovative ideas and perspectives of developing a basis for success in the future.

Through hiring passionate personnel, Monroe College ensures that students’ needs are attended to. moreover, through the provision of cell phone numbers, some of the professors are able to maintain communication with the students throughout the semester. The school fees are also affordable to the students. These reasons make it an ideal place to be.

Monroe is the place for me and with my intellectual curiosity, I will use the knowledge from the college to help people in the health field. At the course department, I will show my knowledge and become a leader who can educate other students. Besides comprehension of different skills, I will get from the college, I would also provide innovative ideas to the school. I feel my time at Monroe College would make my dreams and intellectual curiosity come to pass.