Sample Music Essays on The Prevalence Of Blue Music.

During the mid-century, blues music took the better part of the American music industry. The history of the music cannot be made away with. This is because; the past has influenced the contemporary music we play. The blues have been drawn from the mid-century that includes different genres. This brings the idea that without the mid-century rhythm and blues, we could not have the contemporary blues we listen to today (Fornazzari et  al 2012). The mid-century music gave the modern music mining infect, and the present imitates the feature. Blues music popularly known has R&B is an American Style of music that was depicted from various sub-genres of jazz music that was popular very much popular in the late Mids. Rhythm-and-Blues and Rock-n-Roll dominated the better part of active life in the 1950s. This is because rock n roll was pure blues.

After carefully research I came to understand that the nature of Rhythm-and-Blues and Rock-n-Rolls tone are the sole reason behind its prevail and dominance .I compared the songs  paying  attention  to  the music rhythm style of the current  century. During the early 1900s,. Artists such as Calloway and the walker had a form of rhythm, tone, impersonating, and romanticism they compose and play their music. They both played attention to their guitars and played great emphasis on them. This is where the emergence and the popularity of an electric guitar began — making rhythm and blues more prevail in the young American generation.  Music has a nuanced and intersecting form of musical rhythm, and there is a certain level of seriousness when it comes to the musicians of the early days. The contemporary blues purely imitate the colors from the midcentury but can’t take charge of the youths like the 1950s. Nature and the styles of music tone of Robert Johnsons we pic a certain degree of the mid-century style. Mostly when it comes to trying to pass some crucial information, or when it comes to expressing someone’s fillings, they imitate the mid-century. The blues of ancient days still lives in the hearts of blues artist. They have some sense of togetherness. Apart from  Roberts’s blues, I also listen to some blues by a different artist. I found out that the structure is very different, but the rhyme and the rhythm are depicted from the mid-century. Just like the technology is evolving,  it does not mean that the ancient days there was no technology. The technology of today has been improved from the technology of the mid-century. The same goes for Blue music, which is playing now through the music system all are the improvement of the mind century, but they cannot lose their mining.

According to Muddy waters “the blues form an ubiquitous in jazz and therefore blues and rock and roll is characterized by the end call parents. Blues scale a specific chord progression “.The early recording stayed true to date nothing has been changed about it. Bessie also asserts that, “blues is the music that gave birth to other music bands and gave music a meaning” .Country music came after the blue music .This means that in the early 1950s country music was not common. This makes an impression that blues and rock and roll music was common prevailed due to  its dominancy  in  those days. These are the primary roots of genres with simple minimal production, arrangements, and stable, almost gospel vocal deliveries. What we can record that has been changed here in this music is the nature of the technology involved in them (Peltola et al 2016). We learn from our mentors or ancestors and improve from their teachings. That’s what I see in rhyme and blues compared to the current. The platform of the mid-century and the current are also recorded to be different. Apart from the style and all that the nature in which the old blue rhymes were played differs from  Roberts’s form. Moreover, that can be included in all the blues players around the globe.

Nevertheless,Blue music and roll and rock  can  invoke a number  of fillings of a person.This is because it is the reason for the prevalence of blues and rock and roll. The techniques that were used in the midcentury are seen and felt in blues music today, and that only shows us how this dominated in that past. The electronic nature of the blue music in the mind century still retained. Jazz cannot be left behind. It has been traced from the early mid-century. This is because it is improvisations and harmonic why of passing out the musical massages. It’s easily notable that the artistic nature of the blues music in the mid-century will continue to hunt even the coming generation. However, serialism and minimalism have been eliminated from Roberts’s blues Angulo-Perkins et  al (2014). The mind century blues played proper attention to those styles.

Moreover, they played out of there full hearts compared to the present Roberts blue music. As forces in the coming generation nature, the tone, and the style of blue music will fade. This is because the 21st-century blues try to be more romantic in a form on the music but not giving enough emphasis to the other methods. They should bear in mind that blues will always be meaningful if at all,  they can put more emphasis on all the tones. On an interview, Fats, Dominion said that ‘rock and roll is nothing but rhythm and blues and we have been playing it for years “because it was played for years is what made it dominate and still dominate to date.



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