Sample Music Essays on The Enchanting Music of Sign Language

Sign language involves the use of signs and symbols to portray information. Although it is mostly associated with the deaf, sign language seems relevant in the society. Understanding the sign language helps in creating appropriate relationship between the deaf and the entire society. Good communication skills facilitate development of a successful society. The same society comprises of people of different perspective and disabilities. Even though it is difficult to involve participation of all people in society’s developmental plans, it appears essential for the prosperity matters. Involvement of personnel with varying disorders in the community matters helps reduce the feeling of being unwanted. This essay discusses the relevancy of understanding the sign language via video.

TED Ideas worth Spreading video released on August 2015 at Carmel California helps in comprehending and spreading of the sign language (Kim). Upon definition of silence as an obscure sound, Kim explains how she discovered similarities between America’s Sign Language (ASL) and music through the art. According to Kim’s video, French sign language reached America in early 1800 and has evolved by mixing with other signs giving rise to American Sign Language. After being born deaf, she knew sound was not part her but watching people’s behaviors and response to sounds made the impossible to happen. She realizes sound is not only known through the ears but also can be felt, seen and experienced as an idea.

She further argues that lack of voice should not deter her from societal activities and encourages the same society to help her feel part of the society. Her perfect methods of identifying sounds help her explore the music industry. The music and sounds seems much similar to her due to their close correlation. Although the ASL has shown some signs of improvement, the audio-centric world hinders its growth and development globally. ASL inability to possess sound-effect limits its spread and impact to the whole world. Kim thinks of proposing methods that would trigger and influence the ASL to provide inclusivity in the society. She urges people to take part in ASL culture and experience their visual language.

Kim wants a society that treats all individual equally regardless of the complications involved. She fights for inclusivity of the deaf, visually impaired individuals and all other forms of disabilities in societal activities. Besides, she suggests that ASL interpreters seem relevant in institutions or workplace to encourage proper communication. This is seen in her trip to Berlin – German museums and gallery spaces and finds no interpreter. Also when she urges people to fall in love with ASL further demonstrates her thirst in promoting effectiveness of the sign language.

In conclusion, the Kim’s video successfully portrayed its purpose of inclusivity to all in the society. From the film Kim she refutes that her inability to have literal voice should not prevent her from societal activities. Furthermore, the video demonstrates how the societies neglect ideas of the people with impairments despite being part of the same community.  The society should also encourage learning of ASL to promote effective communication between the varied parties.


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