Sample Movie Review Paper on Twelve years a slave

Racism is the root cause of slavery in America, and it still exists today. Twelve years a slave, a book by Solomon Northup, clearly shows how the whites committed several injustices against the blacks, and they went unpunished for it. Slavery will always be the most horrific and hypocritical idea in man kinds history. The book 12 years a slave by Solomon Northup shows how dehumanizing it was and how skin color and being of a black race was one of its catalysts. The book also clearly shows how being white had its privileges and how black people were used as tools of either pleasure, as’s the case with Mr. Epps. Racism is a severe societal issue that should be dealt with as soon as possible because it degrades people of different races and dehumanizes human value and human life purely based on race, leading to racial inequality and justice.

Twelve years a slave by Solomon Northup talks about his life and the twelve years he served as a slave after being kidnapped. He talks about the horrible mistreatment he and his fellow blacks endured as slaves. His account gives a first-person perspective of how wrong slavery was, as he had served under many masters before his northern friends rescued him, and he was able to compare his life while in slavery and his time when he was a free man. And the great divide between the value of black lives and white lives and how blacks were seen as property owned rather than fellow humans. This book serves as a reminder of the cruelty of the practice of slavery and the degradation of a human due to differences in skin color. It gives a lesson to all generations of the moral costs that slavery casts to everyone involved.

Racism, slavery, is the central message in the book. He shows the different treatment between African American women and white women and their roles. African American women were mistreated, as is seen in the life of Eliza and how Mr. Epps and his violent nature sexually abused them, as is the case with Patsey(Northup 189). These experiences make Northup approach racism from a religious angle. The relevance of this work today is that we, as humans, have the tendency to malign those who are different from us. ( Stephanie) It also gives us insight into being courageous and maintaining integrity, as shown in the slave who gave Northup a sip of water when he had a noose around his head (Northup 114-15)when all the other slaves lacked the courage to help him. This shows us why we should stand up for injustices in today’s world.

Solomon Northup gives us a different view of the life of a slave when most slaves were uneducated. He was kidnapped (Northup  38-39) and taken away from his family, and he had the courage to persevere all that for the hope of seeing his family again. The kidnapped under the ruse that he was going to join the circus act as a fiddler in Washington, D.C(Northup 28-29). He portrays the differences between blacks and whites and the free north and the south. Indeed no person should be enslaved and pass through the suffering the slaves went through.

In a racial hierarchy system where whites see themselves as a more superior race than black people, people of color are dehumanized by the system, leading to unequal treatment and limited freedom. This gives the whites a false sense of superiority and, therefore, more privileges. The book was written by Northup to illuminate these issues in society and the mental toll it exerts on the affected family. Humans should be equal regardless of their race or color.




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