Sample Movie Review on The Movie “Loving” by Nichols Jeff

In the film “Loving”, Nichols featured a real life couple Mildred and Richard who were brought to court for ignoring the Virginia Supreme Court’s ban on interracial marriage in 1950.In the film Richard played by Joel Edgerton and Mildred played by Ruth Negga are both arrested for cohabiting and in so doing they broke the State’s Law against mixed race marriage. They did not have an official marriage as the law did not permit. They were disregarded and isolated by the society at large including Mildred’s family who mocked Richard.

The film brings out love as being powerful beyond any constitutional ban. Richard when approached by his legal adviser he says “Tell the Judge I love my wife”(Nichols).Even his attorney expressed his fears that winning the case might lead to a change of the constitution. The court urgued they were preventing an interracial marriage to avoid having mixed race children who will be stranded as they fear the children will not be accepted by either races or the white’s children will be corrupted with the black family’s norms.

The issue of interracial marriage has been a major concern for so long. There are people who still criticize interracial marriages to date.However most people have embraced the mixed race marriages as long as the couple is inlove. From the comments people were so surprised that the case happened in 1950, they found it unbelievable and inhumane. This being the 21st century and so many people having fought against racism for so long, interracial marriages should be supported and treated like every other marriage.Love and marriage is a human right, people should be allowed to marry their partner of choice regardless of race.



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