Sample Medicine Recommendation Letter As Intern

To whom it may Concern

Re: Recommendation Letter to an Intern

Based on the powers bestowed on me by the hospital management, I doctor X acknowledge student Y to have participated and completed an internship project in our hospital. My recommendations for this student attributes to numerous inherent potentials I noticed in her.  For the duration that   the student served as an intern, I realized her potential in handling critical challenges, especially with the complications that most patients faced. This is a fundamental aspect that medical practitioning requires for its practitioners. Therefore, I believe in the competence and capability of this student in handling volatile cases of medication, which would otherwise be left on professionals. Despite her young age, the candidate practiced with due diligence and competence that any professionalism would demand. In addition, the student expressed, muchdedication to work, and at no instance violated the rules governing the conducts of interns in the hospital. Principally, our mutual interaction with the student has been beneficial at both ends, since thestudent acquired necessary skills, while on the other hand accorded us quality services.   This student has been focused in providing solutions to real problems that the hospital undergoes. For instance she has been in charge of handling patients who require progressive attention, and this has generated success in the hospital.  Her dedication was exhibited in the manner she managed her time and made an appearance at all points of need.  She was assertive on time managements and quality services delivery, which made the hospital gain good reputation before the public. This is a fundamental achievement that the student contributed towards an establishment. With much dedication, I see a lot of potential in this student, and wish for a future cooperation.

 Finally, I confirm that the student met quality and ethical requirements with respect to medical regulation.  For instance, she expressed good relationship with her fellow work mates, and interacted in manner the brought quality to the organization. Based on these reasons, I recommend the student for any help that she can beaccorded, and further confirms her competence and dedication.

Thank you

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