Sample Media Studies Paper on Biases in sources of information

News and information are available to all in this modern age. However, where one decides to get his or her information varies from one person to another. Bias in the dispensation of information is common today primarily through the Internet and journals. From the ‘black lives matter’ campaigns to the COVID-19 reporting, there has been a lot of bias as some of the coverage being reported is seemingly one-sided. Therefore, it is agreeable that this kind of information negatively and sometimes positively affects the perception of the outside world. As a young lady of African origin, the knowledge and beliefs of the harassment of minority groups may lead to seeking information in that direction (2014, p).

The death of George Floyd has attracted a lot of attention globally. Demonstrations and public outcry are being witnessed to date in support of the black lives matter campaign. It is, therefore, natural for individuals from marginalized communities to feel targeted. The news headlines have focused on the arrests of protesters, mainly black and from minority groups. Many white people are in support of this movement too. However, media houses report that black people have been targeted and killed by the police, and a history of these killings is now being aired. No one is talking about many white people that were dead (if any). This changes my perception of the police and law enforcement agencies.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of gender-based violence, let alone the numerous deaths we hear each day. Among other effects such as loss of jobs and economic stagnation, heartbreaking reports have emerged about domestic violence and abuse. The bias in these coverages is that no males are reported to have been abused, whether physically or sexually. The society is more concerned about the girl child that it has turned a blind eye to the boychild struggles that are just as real. This generates a perception that male gender is more reliable and built to endure. With such a perception, the males in society are likely to be ignored.



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