Sample Marketing Reflection on Content Marketing


According to the article, “5 Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019”, on Forbes, a lot can be expected of the future of content marketing, with the content marketing industry being projected to be worth more than $400 by 2021. As content market industry grows, the author predicts that the way companies create and consume content may be summed up in various steps and trends, including content marketing becoming marketing, strategy becoming more essential, customer success emerging as the new frontier, the marketing funnel changing shape, and distribution remaining a driver of success. The author expects a takeover of content marketing in the next year. The fate of organizations lies in their marketers’ ability to see and respond to trends like these.

One of the observations that the author makes is that, unlike the traditional marketing model, whereby marketers were responsible for pushing the message to consumers, content marketing provides the opportunity for two-sided conversations and more concrete relationships with customers.  This information is useful for organizations seeking a better alternative to the traditional marketing model, whose relevance is bound to diminish in future. The author also dissects the importance of strategy in determining the effectiveness of content marketing. Hall highlights that content marketing assessment is helpful in identifying primary goals for a company and in designing successful content strategy to meet. With customer success emerging as the new frontier, brand managers can use content, not just for the good of the company, but also for the welfare of the communities they serve. Moreover, rather than just focusing on the benefits that companies can attribute to customers, they also learn the importance of responding to complaints as they arise. Thanks to content marketing, companies increase the capacity to help customers see the good, rather than the bad.

The idea that marketing funnel will change shape may threaten the stability of companies relying on traditional marketing models. It is thus pertinent that organizations adopt content marketing. Organizations also need to sustain relationships with clients by building trust and forming genuine partnerships. Finally, it will be necessary that organizations discover and utilize the distribution channels that best suit their audiences. This will ease their ability to bring the right content to the right people.




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