Sample Marketing Paper on the Importance of Inbound Tourism in Oman


This report demonstrates the importance of inbound Tourism in Oman. A new MA program has been introduced in Majan College. This program is going to be started in January 2021, after the coronavirus issue has been dealt with so students’ health will not be affected in any way. This program mission is to provide valuable knowledge to students about inbound tourism in Oman. Majan College is a well reputed multi-cultural private college located in Muscat, Oman with over 25 years of excellence (, 2020.).  This college provides the excellent study experience, courses and facilities to its students like courses in business, management and computer science. This college faculty is full of multi-ethnic staff with many years of experience in their respective fields. The college top management is quite competent and research-oriented. This MA degree will provide all students the best ever post-graduation study experience in Oman with the lot of opportunities to work with real companies and their inbound travel strategies in Oman.

1. Situation Analysis

Situation external clearly defines all external and internal factors of organization.

Vision and Mission

“To be a leading University that provides higher education of international standards in a dynamic environment that values cultural diversity, integrates technology, fosters knowledge creation and builds sustainable skills for employment and lifelong learning.”

Vision of Majan College is to develop an environment that meets international standards and provides rigorous training to staff and students to be successful in their careers (, 2020).

“To provide an innovative learning environment that emphasizes the intellectual disciplines required in local, regional and international contexts”.

The mission of Majan College is to cultivate a life-long learning organization. Research and learning are the main goals for all staff members as well. The University of Bedfordshire is directly affiliated with the College and award degrees to all students (, 2020).

2. External Analysis (Macro)

External analysis of Majan College and program includes all major factors which helps in daily operation of college.

Target Market

The target market for this MA course introduced is for all graduation students who wants to gain knowledge about all inbound tourism happening in Oman (Ward, 2017). They can get positions in several travel agencies or any travel sector of Oman. Employees of Ministry of tourism in Oman can also find this course helpful in this regard. Travel agencies’ staff , cruise ships’ staff or airlines’ staff can also get enrolled in this course for securing better position in job market. This course is affordable and targeted for all students with every financial background. Everyone above age of 20 can get enrolled in this course. Financial aid is available and every deserving student can apply for it. With diverse courses offered in this program, students can’t find any other program relatable to this in other colleges.

Competition and customers

Competition of market is quite competitive in this regard as other colleges in Oman have already introduced this course but the additional courses and material are efficient for the uniqueness of this course quality (Douglas and Hubert, 2010). University of Strathclyde Business School centre and Sultan Qaboos university in Oman are offering MA courses in the same program and they have slightly different approach than Majan College. Their focus is more towards tourism management than tourism strategies. But their strategies are quite strong with accreditations from UK Universities. Digitalization of the world is increasing at the rapid pace and Middle East countries have not adapted to it quickly like other Asian countries (Kovacevic, 2013). So, educational development has taken time in Oman. But as government in Oman has also provided several opportunities to its natives for digitalization of Oman, educational institutions are also providing e-learning platforms and colleges are built on international educational standards (Nasser, 2019). Students and consumers are more interested in Oman’s inbound tourism strategies as Oman is visited by many tourists from all around the world. This course will definitely be a success among students as it offers e-learning platform with MA degree course focused on tourism strategies in Oman.

Competition Analysis using Porter’s 5 Forces Model

Michael Porter developed the five forces model which provides analysis and competitiveness of environment. In this case, we are going to apply it for inbound tourism in Oman. Those 5 factors are competitive rivalry, threat from new entrants, threat from buyers, suppliers and substitute products or services (Dobrivojević, 2013). We can deduce the effective analysis and determine the opportunities and threats existing in the competitive environment of Majan College.

Competitive Rivalry

This program is quite new and unique which is not in any way a threat for rival colleges discussed above. There are travel programs like MS in tourism management and in general tourism offered by those colleges but not of such specialization in tourism strategies so those programs are completely different and cannot affect this program in any way (Oukil, Channouf and Al-Zaidi, 2016). The threat is of quite minimal level until any other program of same type is started by any other prestigious college in Oman.

Threat from New Entrants

There are no any immediate threats from new entrants in the travel program but MA courses in tourism are offered in colleges discussed above. It will take some time for other colleges to start this same program and getting level of accreditation of that program rival to University of Bedfordshire. The college higher authority has advanced 3-4 year plans for introducing further improvements in this program.

Threat from Buyers

The main threat of this program which we can assume is that it is a new program and many students may not be enrolled in it at first as many students just have know how of MA in tourism management program. But as in 2018, over 3 million tourists visited Oman so the travel industry may pique interest of students and digital marketing with the admitted students’ feedback will also help greatly (TravelDailyNews International, 2018). If any other college is going to introduce this sane program focused on tourism strategies then they have to do it by proposing strong infrastructure of program with competent staff like Majan College.

Threat from Suppliers

The college staff and books for this program are main suppliers of this program. The Majan College proposed the best books and course material for this program which is accredited by University of Bedfordshire. The professors who will be teaching this program are quite competitive and are of international standards. As this program is going to start after coronavirus issue is dealt with, the college will provide all latest health equipment and trained doctors in dispensary. Students can easily follow up with them if they have any symptoms or any other health related issues. Healthcare provided will be free for students.

Threat from Substitutes

This program is unique than other programs introduced in other colleges so there will be no good substitute at this time (Baporikar, 2011). This will give ample time to Majan College to improve all educational policies introduced in the program.

PESTEL Analysis

This analysis is quite detailed and effective strategy can be made by doing this analysis. PESTEL stands for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal factors. This is used in collaboration with SWOT and statistical analysis.

Political Factors

The political influence of inbound travel in Oman cannot be denied as every year millions of tourists visit Oman (Baporikar, 2011). Oman Government has introduced several travel strategies and Majon College has planned to include all those policies to teach students and it will affect political environment in a positive way.

Economic Factors

For attracting foreign investment and funds, all economic factors are included. The other college should must have funding and investment to start this same program in Oman. The expenditure of every student on this program cannot be out of bounds as it is affordable and beneficial for economy (Tewari, 2019).

Social Factors

Social factors also impact on how many students are interested in being enrolled in this program (Khan and Krishanamurthy, 2016). The previous pattern of students being enrolled in travel programs in colleges mentioned above are also considered in this case.

Technological Factors

The advancement in technology also helps in considering the value of this MA program. E-learning platform and online assessments modules are being introduced in several other tourism programs in other colleges (Khan and Krishanamurthy, 2016). So technologically, Majon College has already introduced e-learning platform which is quite competitive and helpful in coronavirus crisis for remote learning.

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors also affect the quality of the program (Henderson, 2014). If conducting environment of college is better then travel course offered by college will definitely become successful.

Legal Factors

Laws and regulations governing the conduct of this MA course for inbound tourism plays an important role. Inbound travel operations in Oman are operated in accordance with Government rules and regulations (Henderson, 2014). These legal factors will also be considered while teaching this course and many employees of travel agencies or airlines will find it useful in this regard.

3. Internal Analysis (Micro)

Internal Analysis includes SWOT analysis detailed below.

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT Analysis is the best pre-requisite for a good marketing plan.


·       A well-branded course from best college

·       The unique course with specialization of inbound tourism in Oman

·       Skilled and well trained staff and professors

·       Accredited from University of Bedfordshire

·       Top ranked college of Oman



·       Rare genre course of post-graduation like inbound tourism strategies

·       Fear of Coronavirus is major issue of admissions

·       Low-level consideration of new courses introduced

·       Less confidence of course because of no feedback

·       Lower consideration of other colleges’ travel courses


·       A reputable course for introducing the best course regarding inbound tourism in Oman

·       Opportunity to expand this course with certifications and e-learning

·       Opportunity to add skilled staff of international standards


·       The rise of same tourism specialization course being introduced by other colleges

·       Highly competitive university offering same specialization course in future

·       Same course being offered in less amount In other colleges



All factors including PESTLE and SWOT analysis provide the best factors for marketing plan. More insights can be deduced by all factors discussed above. Many MA courses are being offered in other colleges about tourism and its management but all of them are not offering specialization in inbound travel strategies in Oman. However, Oman is quite popular in travel and the course offered can help Oman economy in a great way by getting employees who implement various travel strategies for increasing inbound tourism in Oman.



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