Sample Marketing Paper on Sustainable Marketing

To ensure you benefit fully from the lecture sessions, you are required to write an individual reflexive diary which examines the main topics presented and discussed in the sessions.  You must write on each of the first 5 weekly sessions, starting from Week 1, and each entry should be about 500 words long.


The purpose of this assignment is for students to critically reflect on sustainability, Sustainable Marketing and how it is practiced.  For each entry you must answer the following questions but should then develop additional points that you see relevant to the topic discussed in the lecture:


  • A brief overview of the key learning points from the session and its readings;

i.e. what are the main points the session/readings were trying to make.

  • Find your own examples that illustrate these learning points
  • Critically evaluate your examples according to the theory and frameworks discussed during the course;

i.e. what framework has the company employed, was it appropriate, what could they have done differently?