Sample Marketing Paper on Sportsnet Canada

Executive Summary

Sportsnet Canada is the first ever company to offer round the clock video streaming through multiple platforms. It covers around the globe sports in print, radio, live video streaming and mobile TV. A wide variety of sports news in Canada and international arena will be available to the viewer at his convenience.

Sportsnet Canada is a subsidiary of Rogers Media that has been broadcasting a wide variety of games, tournaments and major leagues across the word. Thus,Sportsnet has qualified sportscasters, resources, experience and wide coverage to bring to its customers, quality sports coverage through the platform of their choice at an amazingly affordable and irresistible monthly subscription of $24.99 with no contract and a free seven-day trial period.

Rodger has the potential to be Canada’s most watched sport channel which is avalaible on multi platforms ensuring funs of the game get the most recent and current updates on all games. This is a great opportunity for Rodger Inc. to have more subscribers online. Furthermore Rodgers Inc. has several advertisement platform such as magazines, internet, TV and Radio. These advertisement platforms provide it with a good base for winning peoples hurts to gain more subscribers.

It also has an interesting wide array of international sports including the NFL, Toronto Raptors, NBA, CIS Vanier Cup, Grand Slam of Curling, IndyCar, the Rogers Cup tennis tournament, and exciting soccer games such as Barclays Premier League, Bundesliga, CONCACAF and Canadian national team matches for men and women. Under the Sportsnet broadcaster, there is a News network channel that covers both local and international sports events 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Thus,Sportsnet is one of the best there is and sports enthusiasts should look no further for their favorite live games, playbacks and sports highlights and with the right marketing strategies in place, it can be the dominating brand in Canada.

Sportsnet and its affiliates


Sportsnet offers all of its numerous services under the monthly subscription. These services include several radio stations, websites, TV channels, Magazines and mobile applications. This section focuses on individual services in terms of their principal contents, their specialties, their fan base, their target audience and their marketing strategies. This research paper also includes how Sportsnet is utilizing advancement in technology to extend its clients base and increase its profitability.

It is a group of Canadian regional sports networks owned by Rogers incorporation and was established in 1998.Sportsnet owns the national cable rights of the National Hockey League, and also the regional rights of some of the league’s Canadian franchises. In addition, it is the national rights holder of Major League Baseball in Canada which helps it compete effectively with rival TSN who also owns the same rights. Sportsnet enjoys rights of being the exclusive broadcaster of the famous Toronto Blue Jays.

The giant sports media house also owns several national channels including Sportsnet 360, Sportsnet One, Sportsnet World and Sportsnet Radio stations in Toronto and Calgary. It also owns a Sportsnet Magazine which covers sports from all over the world in print. According to Rogers, Sportsnet is available in 8.2 million Canadian homes.

Sportsnet subsidiaries

Sportsnet360 usually airs sports news, highlights, information and analysis programming, along with live event. Its coverage includes; college/university sports, professional wrestling, mixed martial arts, the National Hockey League, soccer and basketball. The channel also has a teletext that displays sports news and highlights all day long with an estimated in 5.8 million Canadian viewers.

Sportsnet One is a Canadian English language Category C digital cable and satellite specialty. It only airs events that Sportsnet owns but cannot air lower-rated sports such as cyclingtennis, and skiing. The Sportsnet One license is also used for National Hockey League coverage, and for Vancouver Canucks, Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames games.

Sportsnet World is a  Category B digital cable and satellite channel that focuses on international soccer, with coverage on the Barclays Premier League, other famous European leagues and theRugby League.

Sportsnet Radio has two radio stations; Sportsnet 590 The Fan, in Ontario and Sportsnet 960 The Fan, in CalgaryAlberta which airs among other programs, Toronto Blue Jays baseball, Prime Time Sports.

Sportsnet Magazine is published twice in a week and covers all sports globally and has interviews and insights into the lives of celebrated sports stars.

Marketing strategies

Sportsnet should use effective, widespread and cheap marketing strategy. This is can be done by sister stations and channels being advertised under the brand name of Sportsnet. Also, the subsidiaries may use each other to market themselves thereby eliminating third party advertisers who are usually expensive. It should also ensure that each channel affiliated to it airs quality, high definition or ultra-high definition, and diversified programs to ensure the views are always entertained. As compared to their competitors, it is the most affordable and has very convenient terms as it costs only $ 24 dollars a month for the whole package which entices both the existing and potential customers. However, it should lower this figure a little so as to make it affordable to more people.

Social Media Integration

Rodger Sportsnet can use social media integration to market its products through use of it various platforms such as Facebook chats, twitter accounts through comments, Instagram pictures and google+. These accounts are very crucialto any firm for promoting it services. For instance, Rodger Sportsnet could ask for feedback and comments on the quality of video they stream to the public, the kind of games they should air, whether football, hockey, tennis, horse racing or any other game. From these feedback, the company will know the most loved games and the ones that are least favorite to the audience. Therefore, the most loved games should be the ones that are frequently streamed and give current updates about any arising issue from such games. These will subsequently increase the number of subscribers (Ashley and Tuten)

For instance, most people will comment on European Champions League and therefore the Facebook account administrator and all the other social media administrators should use such an opportunity to influence the Canadians to watch or listen to such a match on their devicesbe it from their TV or Radio stations. Social media can therefore be a great tool in advertising a company like Rodger sport net which faces stiff competition since there are so many firms that offer such services and are well established and known such as Supersport. Using social media, Rodgers Inc. can lure a large number of subscribers. Another factor that Rodger should consider while dealing with the social media, is quick and accurate response to subscribersor potential subscribers’ query and likes or comments on as many comments posted on their social media accounts and pages. The company should also use social media to caution subscribers from giving sensitive information about themselves on such pages in order to cultivate loyalty with the clients.

Advance in Digital Media

Most people have advanced from analogue system to digital platform throughout the world. Rodger sport net should take advantage of these facts as an upcoming company making sure that all their hardware is digitalized and are flexible to future changes. Digital platform is faster and therefore, all subscribers are served efficiently and in time. Today, production of an analogue signal would be a waste of resources as only a few people still own analogue receivers. Furthermore,use of digital transmission ensures that the quality of picture, video and audio signal is high. Transmission of the signal through satellite is a good strategy as it means that the company can expand in future to become a global network broadcasting all its content throughout the world thus increasing the number of potential subscribers. However, if the company’s plan is to remain dominant in the Canadian market, it should use the cabled network within Canada and internet for people steaming or listening live from outside Canada. This will reduce the cost incurred for satellite license.

Advance in Technology

The pace at which technology is growing, it would be impossible for any company to survive without upgrading it informatics. The integration of apps that can be downloaded and run on android phones, iPad, IPhones, Microsoft phones and Serbian phones could be a great strand in marketing its products and increasing the number of viewers which inturn increases the number of subscribers to their services. The apps should be easily accessible on google play for android users, ovi store for Serbian users and app stores at a fair price. The seven-day trial period should also be increased to a month to give the clients a chance to evaluate the product.

Current and Future Target Market

The current status of the company looks promising especially with the new rebranding and change of logo. The aggressive campaign on the rebrand gives the company a new face and if they deliver on what they have promised, the company stands a good chance of taking over the market. Another factor that makes Rodgers Inc. a success, is buying some of the successful companies and making them run on their own(Steger). Moreover, the company has retained some of it most successful brands changing it public image as the best. The corporation can focus on young people so as to make them future clients when they grow of age. In future, they can also focus on expanding their business to even the developing nations.Such people are mostly conservative and if they use a brand and get contented with it, they stick to it forever.


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