Sample Marketing Paper on Search Engine Marketing – Creating an SEM


To complete your SEM strategy:

  1. Choose your city.
  2. Define your goals.
    • Refer to traffic goals
    • Outline overall goals (predetermined in the Major Project Overview).
  3. Assess the competition.
    • Define 3-4 competitors and complete a SWOT analysis.
  4. Pick your PPC platform.
    • ex. Google Ads
    • Write a few sentences on why it is the best choice.
  5. Set a budget for 2021.
    • The company’s overall marketing budget for the year is $120,000.
      • That is about $10,000 a month for marketing (unless you want to shift more into specific months for any reason).
      • In your spreadsheet make a line item for each marketing activity. Divide the budget between SEM and the other marketing activities a Digital Marketing Agency might have (social media ads, display advertising. Traditional print/radio/TV, brochures, etc.).
      • Determine an appropriate ROI for SEM (if a new client brings in $50,000 a year, how much does it make sense to spend on SEM to convert that prospect?)
    • Break down your overall budget by month in a spreadsheet, including SEM and any other marketing activities, and alsoinclude an explanation of your choices in a document.
    • Put all zeros in the Actual columns since this is just a projection for now.