Sample Marketing Paper on Principles of Marketing

Group Project and Presentation Guide
The purpose of this project is to deepen your understanding of the main concepts learned during the
course and to give you the opportunity to apply them in your own marketing plan.
In groups of up to 4 students, you will be required to develop a marketing plan for a new product or
service concept.
Background information
Assume that you are the marketing manager at a company. For the coming year, your company aims
to launch a new product or service in order to diversify their current portfolio and benefit from new
opportunities in the market.
You are asked to develop the marketing plan for this new product/service. The new product can be an
extension of an existing product line of your company. It can also be altogether a new brand, which
offers diversification opportunities for your company. The product can be offered to launch in the
current market of operations or in a new market.
Please keep in mind that this new concept must fit with the existing company mission and compliment/
is consistent with their current product portfolio.
Classwork for the project preparation
To ensure that all group advance in similar level, in-class time will be reserved at the end of each topic
to allow you to use the acquired knowledge in your marketing plan. Participation in the class discussions
is mandatory. Please note that the discussions are just to brainstorm ideas in groups about your new
product and get guidance from your professor. Note that time allowed in-class would be not sufficient
to finish your marketing plan, therefore you are expected to finalize the work outside class-time.
All groups must develop a complete marketing plan according to the guidelines given below.
Your written report should contain:
Title page – according to the University of Sharjah’s guidelines (Don’t forget to write the ID and
names of all the members of the group)
Table of contents – Remember to insert page numbers on each page of the report
1. Executive summary:
• 1-2 paragraph summary of your plan
2. Company description:
• This section briefly presents the company background, lines of business, mission & vision,
target market, competitive advantage, and the industry in which it operates.
• Objective of the marketing plan: to launch a new product/ service. Set realistic goals to
achieve based on your choice.
3. Situation analysis
• This section presents an analysis of the business environment and the factors affecting you
company. It also covers relevant trends and potential critical issue that your company may
face in the coming year(s). An analysis of the marketing includes demographic factors,
political factors, technological factors, economic factors and social factors.
• A SWOT analysis have to be included also.
4. Description of your new product/service concept
• In this section describe your new product or service concept. Explain the goals and the
rationale behind the product/service (why you think it will be profitable to develop, refer to
the situation analysis), how it aligns with the current company portfolio. To build your
arguments you are encouraged to use secondary data from reliable sources or collect your
primary data (short survey, or depth interviews)
5. Marketing strategies: each of the following should be described as specifically as possible, and
with strategic justification.
5.1. Segmentation strategy & potential target market
• Describe target market for the new product/service
• Argue for bases for segmenting consumer markets
• Explain strategy for selecting target market(s)
5.2. Positioning & differentiation strategy:
• What is the positioning for the new product/service?
• How it fit with the current portfolio?
• How you will differentiate the new product/service from those competitors
5.3. Products strategies:
• Describe Total Product – Three levels of product
• Type of Consumer Product
• Explain the choice of the brand name
• Describe Product attributes, packaging
5.4. Pricing strategy
• What is your suggested pricing strategy and the rationale behind?
5.5. Distribution strategy
• What is the channel of distribution for your product or service (online, traditional outlets,
etc.)? Explain.
• What is the intensity of distribution? Why?
5.6. Promotion strategy
• Advertising, sales promotions, public relation, personal selling.
• Which method or combination of methods you plan to use and why. Be specific.
6. Social responsibility
• Explain what your company plan to do in term of social responsibility, if any
7. Concluding Comments
8. References
##You must submit a hardcopy of your report the day of your presentation. You must also submit a
softcopy of both your presentation and report via Blackboard. ##
Important date related to the team project
Task Submission Date
Team members to be posted in the following link TBD
Submit a brief description of your new product for approval via Bb TBD
Final report and presentations TBD
Group project format help you learn how to be part of a team. It is important then for you to work hard
to make sure that your group does good work. You are responsible for efforts to motivate other group
members to do their part. Do not do all the work by yourself; try to participate if you are shy; and try
not to dominate the group if you are not so shy. Most importantly, be a responsible group member. If
members of your group are shirking their duties, then bring that to my attention early on. I will try to
work with the group to solve the problem. In the event that problems persist and a group member is
uncooperative or unduly difficult, the group may divorce that member, provided that the problem was
brought to my attention early and that real efforts were made to solve the problem. This will cause the
divorced group member to receive a zero on all group assignments.