Sample Marketing Paper on Mobile App Best Practices

There are many elements of mobile applications that motivate consumers to download them. According to Hoehle et al. (2), one of these aspects include the user recommendations where new users have a tendency of examining the reviews of the applications online before downloading them. If the application has high ratings and impressive comments, the users have a higher likelihood of downloading them. Consumers will also download an application if its features are unique and suit their specifications (Ismael et al.10). Other factors that motivate consumers to download an application include free application costs, modern and intriguing experiences and if an application has the capability to solve their issues.

Some of the things that keep consumers engaged when using mobile applications include the ability to communicate and set up meetings through them. Kumar et al. (12) postulate that various mobile applications such as the messaging applications allow the users to conduct their business operations such as sales and purchases and this keeps the consumers engaged. Mobile applications act as a source of entertainment and this further keeps the users engaged. Some applications like WeChat and WhatsApp not only help serve customers in business operations but also helps people and companies connect globally and thus they attract more users’ engagement (Sarkar 1420). Some mobile applications also act like platforms or systems through which campaigns, events, and assets can be independently developed and deployed.

Some of the significant applications that should be included in mobile applications include the search features, the social networking capability, a responsive strategy for different screen sizes as well as varying versions for each device (Stoyanov 27). Mobile applications should also have a feature like more touch and less keyboarding, give time for the consumers’ feedback and have the ability to function offline.

Generally, mobile applications are very essential in an individual’s daily life and some of the factors that motivate the user to download an application include user recommendations and free costs. Some of the things that keep ensuring engaged in the mobile application include the ability to connect with others and companies. Some of the important features that should be included in mobile applications include the ability to function offline and have search features.

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