Sample Marketing Objectives on App for parking spots

The purpose of developing an App for the parking spot is to offer parking options to the SJSU students, staffs and visitors. The idea is to help them save time while parking in crowded parking lots. The intention is also to assist the SJSU students, staffs and visitors to make decisions regarding the means of transport to use based on the parking scenarios in their respective destinations. As such, the following are the marketing objectives that will guide this study in determining the effectiveness of the App.

Key Objectives

  1. Provide best quality service and User Interface

The primary purpose of developing the App is to address the parking challenges that are currently witnessed among the SJSU students, staffs and visitors. Therefore, the App will offer quality services by notifying the user in advance about the availability of the parking space in their respective destination. The App will have a friendly and easy user interface for the target market.

  1. Create a brand Image

The effectiveness of the App in solving both the major and minor issues experiencing in the parking spaces will determine its usage. Overall, the brand image established by the App will also elevate the reputation of the institution.

  1. Maximize sales and generate revenue

            Successfully usage of the App is expected to generate more revenue as well as achieve exemplary customer services at the close of each month.  An assessment will be conducted each month to determine the success rate of the App.

  1. Facilitate in saving time and minimize parking stress

SJSU students, staffs and visitors will be able to know beforehand about the available parking space. The App will provide real-time response.

  1. Minimize lateness/absenteeism

The real-time response will assist in making prompt decisions regarding the mode of transport to use based on the availability of the parking spaces.