Sample Marketing Essays on SWOT Analysis on Strategies to Employ

SWOT Analysis

Strategies to Employ

As a starting business, the company may experience different challenges including lack of enough capital that may limit their ability to grow or survive in the industry. Notably, from the SWOT analysis provided, UPer Crust Pies may employ numerous strategies including employing cost-effective advertising tools, enhance the use of technology, understanding market trends, and understanding customer needs and tastes. Such methods not only enable the firm to adequately plan for its activities but also allows the management to assess the overall performance of the entity.

Use of Strengths to Avoid/Minimize the Threat and Weaknesses

Although the firm is new in the market, it has numerous advantages including prime location, high level of uniqueness and strong management practices that give it a competitive edge in the industry. Considerably, the company can employ these factors in reducing the intensity of both its weaknesses and threats. UPer Crust Pies can use its uniqueness in producing high-quality products that may help in building its reputation and increasing the profitability. Equally, the enterprise could use its strong management to develop strategies such as effective marketing methods that could enhance its competitiveness and to plan for uncertainties in the market.

Utilizing Strength to Maximize Opportunity

Notably, UPer Crust Pies can also use its advantages to optimize the existing opportunities. The firm is located in a prime area that is easily accessible to different customers including shoppers and visitors. The organization can use this aspect not only to advertise its products but also to lay its foundation in the market. Since Yubtch town is still expanding, the firm can use the identified target markets including working families to develop affordable and high-quality commodities that satisfy the need of all members. Additionally, since most of these customers, especially those working have less time to prepare their meals, the organization could increase its production to meet the expected growing demand.

Use of Opportunities to Maximize Strength

Opportunities in any business environment are factors that a firm may capitalize on to enhance growth and competitiveness in the industry. The firm can thus employ both marketing strategies and mix to identify the geographical aspects of their market and to segment its clients to enable easy penetration. Moreover, it can use these opportunities to skilled source personnel that can help the organization to penetrate the market easily and to be more competitive. Through these, the firm would be able to plan its operations beyond its current location and to develop products that are consistent with cultures and tastes of their target clients. Equally, it will boosts is strong management as they will incorporate growth strategies in their planning and budgeting processes.

Growing by Taking Advantages of Opportunities and Strengths

Theoretically, utilizing both strengths and opportunities in an organization can help in increasing a firm’s competitive advantage. UPer Crust Pies can apply this concept in developing both short and long-term plans. Since the firm is situated at a serene location, it can use this to market its brands and lay foundation in the industry. The growing population will thus prompt the business to open more outlets and to focus on wider markets. The enterprise’s uniqueness and the ability to develop quality products may help it in changing customer perception about the company that will, in the long run, increase its customer base and control of the market. Lastly, through strong management, the firm may employ exceptional strategies that may enable it to reduce the overall cost of production, employ more competent workers and to utilize its resources effectively.