Sample Marketing Essays on Personal Branding

Personal Branding

Personal branding is the act through which individual market themselves and their careers as brands. It involves the qualities an individual possesses that distinguishes him/her from others. It is how a person wants to be perceived by others or what one wants people to think about them. Sometimes, it involves using one’s name to different products. Personal branding is an essential process of establishing an image or impression in the minds of others about oneself, group, or organization. It is a very critical aspect of success in any career since most of the individuals are more interested in following other persons than they are in following a specific company. In this case, I will look at positioning and reinforcing position through behavior.


I am passionate about inspiring and helping others to achieve greatness in their work and personal life. Passion is one of my greatest strengths, and sometimes I consider it my weakness as much of the time I may be too passionate to others to the point of forgetting myself. I consider myself reliable because if a person needs me, I will be there to assist; it does not matter the time, the situation, or even the person in need of help. Regarding punctuality, I always meet the set deadlines. Most of my friends consider me an over-thinker, but it is not the case, as I intend to look at things at every perspective to avoid any mistake that might occur.

I possess certain leadership skills that help to influence and guide other individuals to accomplish a common task. Being a leader, everybody looks up to you as a role model, and they expect you to listen to them. As such, I have enhanced my listening skill to assist in working with people. Multitasking goes hand in hand with leadership because one has to deal with different people taking different tasks.

Reinforcing My Positioning

My behaviors have reinforced my desired positioning. When talking and relating to others, I avoid being rude and ensure I use my communication skill because I may not know who I may be influencing. Punctuality helps me settle in time, which is essential in avoiding confusion and also it shows aspect of respect to professor. I engage in discussions with others because it assists me in acquiring new information. I always behave since it helps to relate with others well. Most of the time I ask questions for clarification on the areas that I do not understand and also answer questions to show my understanding.

My digital behavior varies according to engagement with different individuals. When dealing with professionals, I adjust to the profession, and when it is about social engagement, I adjust to social. Most of the time I do not reply emails, and when I reply on the subject part I do not include subject but only the attachments. I often sign my name at the end of my email.

My answers in question part one and two align with each other. That is, I will continue with my behaviors as they lead me to the profession. However, I have to make some few changes, for instance, I have to adjust on my email etiquette like replying emails, signing my name, and using the clear subject line when sending attachments.