Sample Marketing Essays on Netflix’s Use of Digital Marketing

Netflix relies deeply on social media in the maintenance of its brand. The brand makes use of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Netflix has a fan base of about 57 million on Facebook. Netflix has seen about 26% fan growth on Facebook. Netflix has about 15 million followers on Instagram with a growth rate of about 92%.  Netflix on Twitter has about 7 million followers (Ramakrishan). The followers on Twitter are less than those on Instagram and those on Facebook. Netflix’s utilizes the content strategy for digital marketing. The method is based on authenticity and engagement with the people.

Netflix’s digital marketing activity on Netflix is aligned with the whole brand.  Netflix’s posts on social media platforms focus on content authenticity. Moreover, Netflix’s posts are meant to create interactions with its fans which enable the brand to persuade the people to buy its products. Most of the posts on Tweeter are question form enquiring about service provision and present movies and television shows.

Netflix mostly posts videos on Facebook. About 90% of the posts are videos (Ramakrishan). The videos that Netflix features on its Facebook page are usually from impending movies and television shows. Based on the posts, Netflix offers its target audience a glance at what they should be expecting (Beer).  Netflix also posts images, graphic interchange formats (GIFs), and simple text posts involving questions about present movies and television shows.

Most of Netflix’s posts on Instagram are images. They also post extracts from television shows consisting of appealing captions to keep the exchange going. Netflix also posts behind the scenes clips and actor dialogues on Instagram. A greater percentage of about 78% of Netflix’s posts on Instagram are images while about 22% are videos. A recent video involving behind the scenes of “Stranger Things” earned about 1.3 million views and almost three thousand comments (Beer). The posts on Instagram are simple and do not include hashtags.

In Twitter, Netflix has tweeted more than about 31,000 times and more than half of the tweets are replies to fans. Netflix has amusing replies and retaliations on Twitter. The average number of Netflix’s daily tweets is about fifteen times a day. The fan engagement is essential for the brand’s awareness. Netflix uses its Twitter handle for replying to fan questions and also to involve in talks with fans about Netflix’s tending movies and television shows.

Netflix uses videos on Facebook to communicate about upcoming movies and television shows. However, a larger percentage of posts on Instagram are images that help in advertising the same upcoming movies and television shows. On Twitter, Netflix uses questions about television shows and movies (Ramakrishan). The replies to questions from people on Twitter also helps deliver the message. Through such diverse ways, Netflix will be able to advertise the same products in different ways in the various social media platforms.

Facebook is the most effective for Netflix. The followers on Facebook are about 57 million which is more compared to Twitter and Instagram. The plain texts on Facebook have better engagement with people while the posts with videos were posted recurrently. The posts with purely texts are based on questions about television shows and movies thus creating an intense engagement. An example of such posts is “some of you never had to watch the last half-hour of Titanic on a second VHS tape and it shows” (Ramakrishan). The post earned about thirty-seven thousand likes, twenty-four thousand shares, and about 2.4 thousand replies (Ramakrishan). The engagement of people creates familiarity with the brand and enhances its marketing.

Netflix exercises its content strategy to its best. Netflix’s method is based on authenticity and engagement with people. Everything is expressed humorously. An example of one post is, “ME EVERY MONDAY: What’s for dinner and what am I watching tonight?” (Ramakrishan).  Netflix also runs social media campaigns to capture the audience’s attention. An example of such campaigns is the promotion of the premiere season of 13 reasons why (Ramakrishan). Netflix described the importance of the topics addressed by the show. The campaign helped in creating awareness to teenagers about the topics.

Netflix should improve on Instagram. The brand should utilize hashtags more to garner more popularity and increase its engagement with people. An example is the hashtag “10daymovie challenge” (Beer). The hashtag gained substantial fan engagement where fans identified a movie based on comments and clues.

Netflix should show ownership of the content it advertises online. An example is “House of Cards” where Netflix outdid every other brand on the show (Beer). However, Netflix did not own the show. Netflix has an exclusive network on social media platforms. The brand should, therefore, show ownership for its content to improve its social media marketing experience and increase the fan base.

Netflix could use research to focus on its digital activity by knowing what its customers like most. The research will help gather data about genres of the type of content that customers viewed most and how to improve on the genres that had the worst performance. The research will also help in understanding the language of the target audience by knowing what they like (Beer). The research will also help Netflix in the analysis of the digital campaigns thus helping in improving the digital marketing experience.




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