Sample Marketing Essays on Chart Apps and Social Networks

Chart Apps and Social Networks

The use of social media networks has over the years been used as a basic method of performing specific tasks such as engaging friends, advertising, and discussions. However, with the increase in the number of subscribers in these platforms, it is difficult for the user to engage in private conversations. Additionally, advertising on networks such as Facebook and tweeter has increasingly become expensive, and a large number of information posted creates uncertainty to its uses. The use of chart apps has over recently increased due to the various advantages the software (Pinterest, 2017). Understandably, they are loaded with different features that most teenagers and young adults find alluring than the other forms of social communication. Some of these include smiley faces, drawing tools, word transformation.

Social network such as Facebook and tweeter promote the generalization of conversations and involves lengthy discussions of more than two individuals. Chat apps, on the other hand, includes private communications between individuals, therefore, promoting confidentiality of information. The increase in the use of these software’s has prompted different companies such as BBC abroad to use it in engaging their customers (Pinterest, 2017). In the long run, various brands could adopt the use of chart apps due to its growing market and strong user base.

With the drastic increase in the number of subscribers and the market, Facebook plans to establish different changes in the management and outlook of WhatsApp. The strategy aims at drawing from the user data to improve the advertisement capacity of the application. Facebook will also introduce data sharing to ensure effective management of the app.  To increase its usefulness and ability to reach more customers, LINE has decided to go public to raise more than $1.14 billion in a dual Japan-US IPO. The service also offers other products including stickers, video gaming, social games and a range of other products that are unique in the market. Moreover, its strategy to increase its expansion strategy in the Asian continent has seen the usage of the app increase in various countries including Thailand, Japan, Taiwan and Indonesia.




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