Sample Marketing Article Review on Advertising evolution

Advertising evolution

Advertising has gone through tremendous evolution from the print press that used to be common during the 1400s to television advertising and today to online marketing which is the main focus of majority of companies today. The first advertisements date back to ancient Egypt where the Egyptians marketed their steel carvings. However, with time as the world evolved, advertising has gone through massive change as a way to adapt and suit the new mediums. It is one way in which the advertising companies have managed to remain relevant and also attract a large number of audiences. Nonetheless, the World Wide Web has changed advertisement in a way that is astounding. It has changed the ways in which ads are made and broadcasted and at the same time transformed the manner in which consumers acts towards the products being advertised. The following is an evaluation of the ways in which the internet has changed advertisement focusing on the way in which organizations are using the web to market their products.

The process of evolution

The 1900s

During the 1950s, advertisement was part of the society. Advertisements were done mainly on television and through press releases. The television viewers were mainly optimistic about trying new products that were being advertised. Many people also had access to television because prosperity had begun to rise after the intense period of Cold War. Many advertising organizations therefore used more of the television compared to the press which could only be viewed or understood by the literate individuals in the society. However, the main difference between the way advertisement is done today and during this period and time is the fact that characters were mainly established around the product. It is the best way in which the advertisers could form semblance and connection to the viewers.

By connecting the characters to the products, it was easy and simple for the audience to make a connection on what was being advertised. However, the idea regarding consumer connection only surfaced later after 1950s where the advertisers used famous faces especially film characters to sell their products. The aspect of using familiar or famous faces is still being used today to sell products. It is one way in which to attract the attention of the audience as they connect it to the brand being advertised. Later, the ways in which advertisement was done changed. The characters and the products were connected hand in hand. For instance, Tony the Tiger though the same strategy is still being used today to sell products. However, regardless of the fact that various products began to emerge vastly, the aim of advertisement was to sell the products hence the reason a connection was made between the characters and the product.

It is important to note that the characters played a major role in the ads especially in forming the consumer culture of consumption. However, the main focus was on the product as a way not to diverge the attention of the targeted audience from it. For instance, in the Tony the Tiger ad, these characters were the epicenters though they played a major role of acting as a tool to promote the product to sell.

The 21st century advertisement

There is a strong shift in the way in which advertising is being conducted today. It is because the motive of advertising has also changed the ways in which various commercials are being constructed and made. Rather than focusing on the sell mentality, majority of the ads are today focused on the community. The aim of taking this approach is to build the community while creating awareness of their brand. Many advertising organizations no longer focus on the product instead they focus on the experiences of the community and use the product to act as the solution to the problems that the people are facing. The perfect example of this way of advertising is seen in an LG advertisement where they were trying to promote their television. The creative director and the commercial director of the ad are not mentioned but it is assumed that it is from the LG Company.

In the advertisement that was posted on YouTube, the product is not the centerpiece rather the experience of the homeless individual. LG Company decided to focus on the emotions of the audience by making a connection to the ways in which their television can be a solution to the problems that the society is facing. For instance, the homeless man is depicted as not only lonely and unhappy. However, after the LG Company brings the product to the place where he was lying, the audience can see that he gains some sort of life and joy from being able to watch the television (Kero esam 1). Nonetheless, the center of the ad is the way in which the product acted as a source of joy to the homeless man. The characters that he was viewing on the television came to life and were standing directly in front of him and the young girl even hanged him creating a sense of worth and also bringing joy to his life.

The cons of the presentations is the fact that too much focus is placed on the homeless man and not the product hence it is easy for many people especially those who are not attentive to identify that it is an advertisement that is aimed at promoting a product. The same is seen in the Edeka ad where the whole focus has been placed on the event and not on the product. It is next to impossible to identify that this was an ad from a supermarket corporation and it was aimed at enhancing their products. The creative director and the commercial director of the Edeka ad is the company itself. The models are not known but the media effectiveness has been achieved especially the sense of togetherness that the company aims at achieving with their product (EDEKA 1). Amidst the busy life of everyone from different parts of the world, one thing connects them together and this is Edeka which in this case is considered to be the old man in the ad because he is the reason every member of his family converged together for Christmas.

Lastly, in the ad by MetLife, an insurance company, the focus has been put on the Chinese father and the daughter to sell the product. It seems that there is a strong bond between them which is the company wanted to achieve with their product. The effectiveness of the media is to show the ways in which the insurance cover protects people from everything that seems wrong in a person’s life. For instance, the father is a liar and is not happy but to the daughter’s eyes he is loving and happy (Vektanova 1). The con of the presentation is that it can only be understood by literate individuals.


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