Sample Management Paper on Waiting Line Systems

Waiting Line Systems

Waiting takes place when companies do not offer enough capacity or space to service clients (, 2015). The general trade-offs involved in waiting line decisions include the following; a customer may find it difficult to wait in line for a long and yet he could have used time wasted queuing doing something else. Secondly, clients experience the cost of long waiting lines, for instance, they become unhappy because of delayed services offered by customers.

The public, managers, and clients are responsible for assessing the cost of customers waiting for services. The manager must ensure that he has enough staff and offer a variety of services. Some of the costs of customers in a restaurant include waiting for a long time before receiving g their services (, 2015). This lead to dissatisfaction of customers. It is therefore the responsible of a manager to ensure that his organization is under control. This can be achieved through ensuring that there is enough staff and space in the restaurant. The managers, customers and general public must be involved because they all contribute to the success of the organization.

Technology has a major effect on the performance of waiting lines. For instance, the use of computers has helped in saving time in most industries. Additionally, the use of automated computerized checking has made easier for hotels to check out its customers because the customer can review the computerized check out sheet himself (, 2015). Furthermore, based on the fact that most service transactions can be done online, clients must not physically visit a hotel facility and this improves the performance of a hotel facility.


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