Sample Management Paper on using green hydrogen in the steel industry in Saudi Arabia

The thesis proposal is about using green hydrogen in the steel industry in Saudi Arabia , I’m investigating the usage of green hydrogen in the steel industry and not the green hydrogen as a technology. The research should be fixed by researching the industry as a whole and not two companies as I have written, I just need rewriting of the literature review section and a new framework along with fixing the comments. please fix the comments each one in the PDF file and follow the guidelines I’ll attach below.
Introduction and problem statement
This section has to include information regarding below questions:
In the introduction, we need to open up about what the problem is. (e.g. climate change, fossil energy, steel industry that is a polluting industry) you can use statistics and report to illustrate the problem.
What can be the solution? (e.g. different renewable energy (what are pros and cons).. another option is Hydrogen then blue and green hydrogen…) (here you can introduce the country you wanna do research)
What is the research gap? (BTW, your research gap in the current version was a perfect start 🙂 ) And then you come to your questions 🙂 Why it is important to investigate?
How do you want to investigate?
What theories do you apply to explain you phenomena? Why?
How do you conduct your research? (e.g. interview…)
And what will be the contributions?

Set the scene
At this section you are going to explain the below topics:
Concepts and theories:
Here you define and elaborate on all the concepts related to this research. For example, what is hydrogen economy? Different types of hydrogen economy? What type of hydrogen economy do you research here?
Research context:
Here you elaborate on the context; the country geopolitical and economic situation, their position in sustainability, why it is important to do research in this context. You will explain the steel industry in this context: their economic turnover, GDP contribution, environmental impact, etc.

Theoretical background and hypotheses
You will explain that based your research questions what theories are you going to apply to explain the phenomena? Define them? Why are these theories suitable to explain the feasibility of green hydrogen?


Conceptual framework:
After describing the theories and why they are suitable, you are going to build the conceptual framework of this research. You will explain every block in relation to your research questions and you will formulate your hypotheses.
For the theory please try to find a similar technology that have used TAM model in an industrial scale , and the factors that have determined the feasibility of the adaptation and apply it for the use of green hydrogen in the steel industry . and please use referencing for everything , everything needs to be back by evidences

Please contact me for every question you have , I do not have much time left and I really need it to be done for good this time and thank you so much