Sample Management Paper on tools of risk assessment

Please write a research based on the topic description in the document with a minimum of 10 references and English level of ielts 6.5. Pls include Intro, literature review, methodology , findings and conclusions. Moreover try add two or three figures. Please create table of contents and reference and appendix list as an Apa.

Students are invited to prepare their individual contributions in form of structured reports to address the major issue from the specific case focusing on risk assessment and selection of projects. You should develop a business case with a full description of the risky project (preferably to be a real project), identify the risks, develop a probability-impact matrix, find adequate strategies, and propose criteria for the selection of projects that could avoid project organization to enter the such type of risky projects.



Description of the student task:


Your task is to create an essay that will include the following sections:

  • Case elaboration of the risky project (minimum 500 words) (max 2 points) – CLO 1
  • Identification of risks based on the provided case (max 1 point) – CLO 1
  • Assessment of risks using the probability-impact matrix (max 1 point) – CLO 1
  • Proposal of risk strategies for identified risks (max 1 point) – CLO 1
  • Definition of criteria for project selection that would prevent entering similar risky projects (all criteria should be clearly defined and explained) (max 4 points) – CLO 2
  • Proposal of weights for all criteria with their justification (max 1 point) – CLO 2




Individual assignment



20th March 2023.







This assignment is worth 10% of your total course grade.

Deduction of points will be in case:

  • The essay does not address the given topic fully or partially
  • The important elements or questions of the essay are missing or not elaborated well
  • The essay is more descriptive rather than it shows the application of tools for the selection of projects and tools of risk assessment
  • The essay contains less than the requested number of words
  • The essay is not written per academic standards that require important elements to be included (abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, findings, discussion, conclusion, references)
  • The essay contains grammatical errors and is not properly formatted


  • The essay presents a very precise application of the tools and techniques in risks assessment and the selection of projects
  • The essay is written in a very creative way and it is visually well presented
  • The essay elaborates on the issue in a very concrete way



  • Your paper will be checked for similarity with other sources. The maximum level of similarity allowed is 20%, excluding the bibliography section. The policy related to similarity and plagiarism will be STRICTLY implemented. Use APA style for referencing (



  • address all relevant issues related to the topic,
  • be creative,
  • be persuasive,
  • be a critical thinker,
  • take care of using appropriate writing style,
  • implement an adequate structure for the paper,
  • use infographics and tables to improve the visual effect, and especially to show the results of the implementation of different tools
  • check twice grammar and syntax.