Sample Management Paper on Stakeholder Needs

Using your example statements of requirement ((WILL BE ATTACHED BY ME)), discuss some of the possible Requirements Review issues that might apply to these issues (500 words)

(I will add my statement of requirements that I have created (around 7 requirements, you will pick 3 out of them. You will review those requirements + you may give an example like if something missing from the statement would affect for example the verification and validation process later on, you may also talk about the characteristics / attributes of requirements. and so on. what I mean is that don’t just talk about 3 statements of requirements only but explore related issues and other stuff and discuss those within your answer.)

NEED YOU TO USE The following Sources only

1- BOOK – INCOSE Guide for Writing Requirements (Will be attached)
2- BOOK – INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook 4th edition (if you found it use it)
4- Instructor Lectures (Will be attached)

Comments from Customer

Discipline: system engineering
its not Civil engineering, its another discipline close to project management