Sample Management Paper on Service as a Leader

Service as a leader has a different approach from the traditional leadership which was more of dictating commands and rules. Here the leader offers support to his juniors and involves them in decision making. Service leadership is more of empowering others in a compassionate manner to promote service to humanity while being a role model. On this paper I focus on myself as a service leader in a Red Cross drive for blood donation.

Blood transfusion is a major life saver in times of disasters or even in hospitals in cases of blood loss or chemotherapy. This blood usually comes from volunteers and goes through screening to ensure it is safe for the patient. Most people have misconceptions about blood donation due to lack of the right blood donation education and this results to low turnout of blood donors. The American Red Cross is a non-profit organization that helps save lives in times of disasters or emergencies by mobilizing volunteers (American Red Cross).The organization is made up 90 % volunteers, this shows how much they are in need of new volunteers every day. I volunteered with the American Red Cross in a blood donation campaign. We visited high schools and educated the students on everything to do with blood donation. At the end of the training we mobilized some of students who were ready to donate and assisted them through the process.

I was able to recruit my sister and two other ladies we go to church together. I explained to them about the American Red Cross blood donation campaign and the man power shortage. I had to quote biblical servant hood verses on Mary the sister of Lazarus during the visit by Jesus to convince them to sacrifice their normal duties and join me in this mission. Our duty was to assist in facilitating the trainings through carrying the training materials, help answer some questions from the students, help set up the blood donation tents, give the students water/soda and biscuits after the donation to help them rehydrate.

The students’ turnout was impressive, we were so amazed. They were so touched when they learnt about the number of people who lose their lives due to lack of blood transfusion. The most challenging part was helping calm down the students who were not fit to donate on that day because of their weight or other factors. They just could not understand why they could not donate yet they were willing. We explained the risk factors and told them that was not the end they can always visit a Red Cross camp to donate later on. We had spent the whole afternoon from 2 pm to 5pm and it was so rewarding.

The day was a success, we were able to collect 300 donations which will help save lives. This was the most enjoyable part of the exercise. We were happy to have enlightened the students on facts about blood donation. Most of them signed up for regular donations and promised to educate their friends about it. My team and I were so happy with our services that will help save many lives. They commended me for being a persuasive and patient leader, I encouraged them to make it our routine to mobilize blood donations and help with other activities that the American Red Cross may require of us. The four of us signed up for monthly voluntary with the Red Cross.



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