Sample Management Paper on Project Schedules

Sample Management Paper on Project Schedules


Project managers are always faced with challenges in the course of project lifecycle; this usually arises when particular project tasks or activities are falling behind schedule. There are numerous ways in which such situations can be fixed but first it is paramount to identify the reasons why a given project is falling behind set schedule.

Recovery Plans

Notably, a project may fall behind schedule due to obvious reasons and thus the need to amicably identify the contributing factors. This is important because if such reasons are not correctly identified from the onset then poor response instigated which may yield devastating results. Significantly, depending on the reasons why a project is behind schedule, different recovery plans may yield different results. Each recovery plan may be specific and useful in each case, for instance, for minor delays in the project, working overtime may come in hand to bring back a project to schedule. This measure is relevant in situations where the delay is minor and would not cost much in terms of budget. However, this recovery plan may not be useful in situations where the delay is major. This may require another plan of extending project deadline; this is because major delays may be as a result of major forces that nobody anticipated. Though, this recovery plan is disadvantageous because project clients or bosses may not be happy with an extended deadline.


Delayed project deliverables may not be received positively by project stakeholders and therefore, project managers should find ways of preventing delays. In cases where delays are anticipated, proper communication should be done so as to prepare project stakeholders imminently. In my view, extending project deadline may be the best way of dealing with projects falling behind schedule.